A curated series of four 1:1 sessions, tailored to you. You’ll learn best practice for confident presenting, exercises to reconnect you to body, breath & voice, as well as strategies to integrate your new skills into your day-to-day. You’ll walk away with tools that will empower you to show up as your best self; the brand ambassador you’ve always wanted to be for your business.
Just mention the code FF15, at the time of booking your introductory call.

Heather Jeffries is a presentation skills coach supporting creative entrepreneurs and small business owners to communicate with confidence.  So they can step up, show up and achieve their goals. As a trained actor & choreographer, she teaches best practice and the fundamentals of confident presence – breath, body, voice. Cultivating confidence is a practice. And when you are fully present, and truly heard, anything is possible for you and your business.

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