Kayleigh Fisher https://www.kayleighsian.co.uk/

I take on tasks that are distracting or even distressing for some to give them the mental space to achieve their full potential. Known for having an optimistic, unfiltered, “get sh*t done” personality, I’m wanting to support business owners to continue to achieve through this difficult time.

ECOMMERCE MANAGEMENT From product listings, product and web copy, to visual merchandising. Having worked in the commercial team for a leading UK ecommerce retailer for several years, and now running my own small site, managing online retail stores is second nature – and something I love doing!
CONTENT & SOCIAL MEDIA Content creation, scheduling, newsletters, and blogs are to name a few. This is something that I have been doing for years now across permanent marketing roles and client projects.
EVENT & PROJECT MANAGEMENT To put it simply, I’m really good at coordinating people, places, and pieces of work. I have heaps of experience managing projects and workflows with corporates, SMEs, and sole traders – maximising efficiency, minimising hysteria.
GENERAL ADMIN I often hear that small business owners struggle to get motivated to do tasks like content migration, client comms, reporting, invoicing and general organisation – because it isn’t the main mission, or it’s just a pain. So they’re the perfect things to hand over to a VA.

I offer a 10% discount to blocks of hours per month. eg. 10hrs – £225, 20hrs – £450, 40hrs – £900

Looking for work – Part time

Rate/salary – £25 per hour

Contact info – hello@kayleighsian.co.uk