It’s an uncertain time and everyone is wondering what this means for them and their business. So we ran a free online sanity session for anyone who wanted to join and invited some experts onto the call to give us the low down.⠀

We had such a great session with over 80 women attending the live to learn all things business agility, mindset shifting and legal advice.
Here’s what we covered:⠀

Nancy Evbuomwan–  Business agility consultant

• Look at the bigger picture of your business⠀
• Focus on how you can create memorable virtual experiences⠀
• Review and improve your processes⠀
• And my fave – not forgetting to pause aka relax your t*ts⠀
You can find Nancy here.⠀

Lucy Wheeler – Legal expert

• Look at how you can change certain clauses in your contracts and amend them so you can perform
• Speak to your clients and mange their expectations⠀
• If you have an event coming up – postpone don’t cancel. Start the conversation and be careful about cancelling as you may then be in breach of your contract. If you can’t postpone, then you may need to cancel.⠀
• What can you deliver on? Focus on that. ⠀
You can find Lucy here.

Katy Murray – Women’s leadership coach 

• Check in with yourself, how are you feeling? Notice what your internal dialogue is saying. ⠀
• Practice some breathing and visualisation techniques ⠀
• Focus on the good and your inner circle ⠀
• Prioritise your family and loved ones⠀
• Focus on 3 things to be thankful ⠀
You can find Katy here.


My advice would be to find a way of creating a virtual space for you to connect with your clients and audience online. Pivoting your offering will enable you to monetise your skills and services online. 
Watch our webinar here on embracing video online for loads of great ideas ad practical tips to get you start.
If there is a specific area of business you need support in please let me know. My aim is to continue to host amazing workshops with incredible women. The only difference will be for the next few months they will be completely virtual, meaning you can log in from anywhere in the world to learn from an incredible line up of expert women.
If you’d like to offer your services and/or insights please do get in touch, I have a small budget to pay experts and would love to offer as much support to my community as possible.⠀

About your Host


Lara Sheldrake

Lara is the Founder and Director of Found & Flourish, a female led organisation empowering women in business through community, services and events. With a background in advertising and social media strategy, Lara has over ten years experience working with early stage startups to household brands.

Lara hopes by putting on events such as this one she can support other women in business to launch, grow and scale impactful businesses, offering them solidarity, support and connection.