How do you digest your stress? You know, running a business, looking after a family, trying to be healthy, finding time for yourself…How do you do it?

There’s that point where the world you’ve been carrying on your shoulders starts to roll down your back and you just don’t have the mental, emotional and physical strength to fight for it.

You’ve reached the overload zone and to survive your body has to break for you to realise “all of this” is too much right now.

What happened?

No rest = distress

When we apply a stress/load to the body, the adaption and growth we are looking for actually bears fruit in our rest zone. This is because the body is able to repair the damage, making you stronger so that the next time you come into that same experience you know how to survive AND go further.  Continual stress/load begins to steal the hormones that serve your period and when this happens we begin to experience PMS symptoms that can lead to greater debilitating health concerns. Whether you are looking at exercise or productivity, you cannot keep loading without an injury occurring which then triggers emotions into running riot and further exacerbating our addiction to stress. By choosing not to rest, you are creating the emotional survival techniques that take you further from your truth and deeper into a world of deprivation and self harm.

BUT! There is a ray of red shining light in the shape of your period that can help you. By using your menstrual cycle as a barometer for your health, you tune into your natural powers to either power up or power down which will enable your body to return to baseline (that content state of wellbeing) so you can digest, rest and de-stress for more energy, clarity, productivity and (self) love!


We use this term a lot in exercise, whereby the athlete begins to wind down their exercise and take on either deep rest or active rest. I see female entrepreneurs as the working athlete in todays world with everything they take on and serve. 5-7 days before your period starts is a great time to start de-loading your mental, emotional and physical activities. If you’re triggered by even thinking about slowing down the pace, here are a few enquiries:

  • Why can’t you slow down?
  • What does holding everything you do feel like?
  • What emotion comes up?
  • Where can you feel that emotion in your body?
  • How would it feel to let that emotion/sensation go?

Remember, we’re only slowing down for 5-7 days. You’re not selling your family and going to live in the woods!


We’re looking to complete on old projects and gain clarity that will take us forwards into greater achievements. Write down new and interesting possibilities to be actioned after you start your period which will give you something to look forward too.


If you’re a lover of weights and endurance exercise, your goals will be reached by applying yoga/mobility work, self massage and meditation during these 5-7 days as it allows your body to repair.

Nighttime Ritual

Why not bio-hack your nighttime ritual with the following I have found incredibly helpful:

  • If you can’t turn your computer/phone off before 7pm get yourself some Blu-ray glasses. Stops the screen messing with your melatonin which is what you need to make you sleep.
  • No TV – I’ve found this one of the BEST practices for actually getting to sleep. Takes me for ever and I realised that TV was triggering my stress response to action.
  • Foam rolling/stretching 30 minutes before bed – this takes all the lactic acid out of your muscles making you tired.
  • Tart cherry juice – not only does this produce it’s own melatonin, it transforms serotonin into melatonin when drank. Small glass before bed has improved my quality of sleep.
  • Indulge in great conversation. Me and my husband have been sharing a warm drink and heartfelt conversation before bed which really clears the nervous system of what’s currently happening in the world.


I would LOVE to know how you got on and what nighttime ritual you incorporated into your lifestyle. And if you have any questions about the above, please get in touch. Your success and productivity all thrive from your health and wellbeing. And you deserve to be well!

Abi Adams

Abi Adams

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Abi gets moving with your menstrual cycle, empowering every choice you make when it comes to your unique health and wellbeing needs. Giving you mental, emotional and physical freedom and most importantly, putting the fun into the way you exercise.

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