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by | Sep 12, 2018 | Wellbeing

When should we be taking our own advice?

Last night, I was working until midnight scheduling in our social media. I found myself putting together a range of “selfcare” posts with the caption “Sometimes you have to focus on you” and another “We work to live not the other way round”. I’m not going to sit here and say I never take a break, because that’s just not true, but it did get me thinking about the life of a mumpreneur and when I should be taking my own advice. I think it’s worth noting here that I have no regrets in my choice to juggle both motherhood and running a business, it comes with it’s challenges however it’s extremely rewarding (when I eventually get to tick things off my work to-do list!).

“Why can’t you work when he naps?”

At the end of the day Rich and I swap notes on how our days went, he tells me about a challenging client he had to deal with and I talk about a challenging client I had to deal with, only mine shouts in my face, expects me to clean up his sh*t and pays me nadda for the pleasure of doing so, (I’m talking about Bo by the way). I tell Rich about the highs, the lows, the fact I didn’t have any time in the day to work on my own stuff and that I’d probably need to catch up in the evening. Rich nods and makes all the right noises but then asks “why can’t you work while he naps?”, of course at this point I wish I had a play back on film, of my day. I imagine a sped up version of me running around the flat like the Tasmanian devil, a whirlwind of cleaning, cooking, prepping baby food, (Bodhi is now weaning so that in itself is a full time job!). I remind him of all the things I do in the day, and as I say it out-loud even I’m finding it hard to be impressed. It’s not the same rush as coming home from work and recounting an event you put on with over 200 attendees, or a promotion you were given for exceeding your financial target, or how you won a client the business has been trying to work with for years. I tend to feel at the moment that my day is a cycle of work, feed, bathe, dress, repeat… and by work I mean mum work, cause let’s face it, being a mum IS a full time job no matter how small or insignificant the tasks seem to be. 

When do us mums take a break?

Rich and I are a modern couple, by that I mean we are both feminists (a feminist is someone who believes in political, economic, personal, and social equality of sexes). Therefore, I never need to ask twice for a break or for some time out to work on my own projects. Some people call them “helpful husbands” I just call him, my husband. However, “time out” usually means time to catch up on work related tasks. So, it begs the question “when do us mums take a break?”. So far Ive learned I can’t do it all, and I certainly can’t do it all in an evening. Taking time out for some “me time” is key, it’s just a case of prioritising. Whether it’s a business you’re in the process of setting up, that work out you’re trying to squeeze in, or just that hour of sleep you want to catch up on, trying to fit it around being a mum and all those other roles you take on in life is hard bloody work. This isn’t a sob story, I’m just setting the scene for you all. I will admit I’m finding it pretty tough right now to juggle everything but I know everything I’m doing I’m genuinely passionate about and that’s what is keeping me going; Passion. In my next blog, I’ll share some tips on how I (try to) get it all done whilst remembering not to neglect self-care. Are there any other mums out there trying to juggle entrepreneurialism and motherhood? Got any tips? I’m all ears!
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