The belief that “things take time” is slowing you down.

Time is the comfortable excuse widely accepted by society, even taught to us in school, corporate jobs and before we know what’s happening we’re repeating sayings and taking on beliefs that we wouldn’t consciously choose.

Time does not heal all wounds.

Time has nothing to do with it, really. Sure, time passes, but what happens in that time explains why we all heal on different timelines.

This is important because when we are “giving things time”, we are typically not doing anything useful. If there’s one thing I can promise you, waiting, which basically means not doing anything, isn’t going to change a thing.

This is actually at the root of imposter syndrome and the fraud complex. Think of a time where you achieved something, fast, and then freaked out. Your success didn’t match up with the old age tale around good things taking time. So instead of feeling amazing about your ability to achieve, you felt afraid that you weren’t deserving, wouldn’t maintain it or would be found out for being a fraud.

Let’s even flip this one minute. How often have you given time credit for what you’ve created? Timing is not everything. You were not in the right place at the right time, you were the right person in that moment. Give yourself credit, this builds a reward system that will fuel confidence instead of fear.

Here’s the truth: things used to take time. It used to take months to travel from Europe to the US, now it takes hours. It used to take days to transport messages from one person to another, now we can reach millions in a microsecond. You may be thinking that you can’t reach millions, but you can reach 10. Imagine saying to someone 30 years ago that you can video call someone across the world, while sending them money in a second, and selling them a product that will be shipped to arrive in 24 hours.

Technology has changed the game.

Yet even with all the advances in technology, productivity hasn’t increased in the last 70 years. You might be wondering how that’s even possible. Let me tell you…

Humans. Our belief systems are outdated. We’re still operating on software that evolved for 40,000 years in the wild.

The ability to reach millions of people online is no use when we’re too afraid of what people will think of us to show up.

The ability to travel anywhere in the world is no use when we can’t make any decisions on where we want to go and how long for.

This outdated software is the reason you don’t get things done that you say you will. It’s not you, it’s your brain.

So no, things don’t take time, they take these three things:

  1. Managing your mindset (ending negative self talk and dropping “I can’t” stories)
  2. Making quick decisions, and actually following through on them
  3. Mastering fear & failure, using fear as fuel and failure as learning

The other day, I was being interviewed and someone asked me to speak about a time I failed. My answer? Today. She laughed, like woah most people share something from when they were first starting their business. 

That’s because we still as a society think failing is bad. It isn’t bad. It’s the way to success. If you’re not failing you’re not learning. As we succeed we start to think we should stop failing, this only slows us down.

The successful people you admire fail always. Sure, Beyonce broke records with the most grammys ever, but for 20 years she had 79 nominations and only a single win. She kept going. 

Commit to failing, accelerate into success.

So, how will you fail today?

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Vikki Louise

Vikki Louise

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Vikki is reformed hustler turned time hacker. Taking on the 40 hours work week and the story that “things take time.” We achieve more by doing less, managing our brains, making ninja decisions and mastering fear and failure. Anti Busy + Anti Hustle.

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