How many times have you heard the phrase – “time to let go of that”.

Or has someone ever said ‘come on, it’s time to move on’?

Quite often we know this INTELLECTUALLY. We know we need to let go of something, but the reality is, we don’t actually know how to do that. We’ve never been taught, or even shown how it is possible. So in this short piece, I’d like to tell you a story about how I teach my clients how to do exactly that – let go of the stuff that’s holding you back, and how to stop fear from keeping you stuck.

In F&F we are here to support each other. To train each other, to inspire and to create strong connections. I am so thrilled to offer you an insight into how I use EFT to support passionate self employed women to dissolve their overpowering emotions, and to build the business of their dreams.

My client Val, came to me after Christmas. She had heard of EFT and wanted to know a bit more about how it might help her. On the outside she was flying – she had regular dreamboat clients, and was thrilled with the way her business was taking off. But on the inside, she was burning up every day with fear, worries and overwhelming imposter syndrome. And these intense emotions were starting to seep into her every day life. Does this resonate with you?

Let me tell you a bit more about what was going on…

She was terrified that she was going to ‘get found out’. She was afraid to put her prices up in case clients thought she was being greedy, and left. And she was ‘terrible at setting boundaries’ – regularly working longer hours, weekends and allowing clients to pay their invoices late.

She felt scared. She felt overwhelmed. And wanted to stay small – not to attract any unpleasant attention.

And yet, a tiny bit of her – the smallest flicker of hope – was trying to get her attention. She had the tiniest inner knowing that these emotions could be stopping her from living the way she wanted. And knew that it was time to deal with them. I believe we ALL feel this tiny flicker, that’s why we started working for ourselves in the first place – we just sometimes need to be shown how to listen to it.

But HOW?

Using my techniques, we uncovered the root of her ‘people pleasing’ tendencies. It stemmed from a childhood of being told that she wouldn’t really amount to much, and that she would probably just get married and that would be it. An education which made her feel not quite good enough to go to university. Years of authority figures telling her she should be happy with what she’s got.

When we spoke about these memories, these beliefs about herself, she cycled through huge sadness, into indignation and outright anger about the way she’d just accepted them. By recognising the reasons, she was able to finally able to verbalise how she really felt (stage one – absolute recognition of how she felt). This in itself was a HUGE step. So many of my clients have NEVER really said how they feel.

With my guidance she was able to release these emotions

How many times have you heard the phrase – “time to let go of that”.

Or has someone ever said ‘come on, it’s time to move on’?

Sounds so easy. BUT HOW DO YOU DO THAT?! Emotions get stuck in our body. Might sound a bit ‘woo’ but if you’re cross, you often get hot. Or if you’re nervous, you feel ‘butterflies’. Actual physical reactions to the emotion. Fairly unpleasant right?

I am really clear in saying – we’re not here to forgive anyone. What has happened is real. But it is totally possible to choose whether to keep feeling angry or upset, and let the emotions stop you from achieving inner peace – or let them go. Gently, and at your own pace.

My client decided she was ready to let go of the familiar old thought patterns of ‘who am I to ask for more’.

She choose to decide that she was an adult, and was in charge of how she felt. A new, and exciting possibility.

>> What emotion do you want to relief from? Do you know what beliefs are holding you back? <<

(stage 2, release!)

I then asked how she wanted to feel & her answers were Confident. Bold. Human. How do YOU want to feel?

(stage 3, replace!)

By releasing the emotions she no longer wanted, or needed (and that was her decision), there was finally space to introduce the feelings she DID want. A tiny bit more confidence. A tiny bit bolder.

We dissolved the emotional intensity of her memories. And a memory without the emotional charge is just that, a memory. Something in the past. Not affecting the now.

And what happens then? You feel lighter. You feel FREE-ER. The emotional blinkers are taken off and you start seeing opportunities everywhere. You are braver, more confident. But not in a ‘fake it til you make it’ way. You just are.

I use a blend of EFT, NLP and hypno-visualisations.

My technique helps you break the loop on old unhelpful thought patterns and creates new neural pathways – in other words. rewiring your brain!


You are so much more capable than your brain is telling you. Your worries are lying to you – trying to keep you safe. And new actions, new behaviours are scary. But your emotional wellbeing is absolutely crucial – and it is absolutely my mission to help self employed, passionate women to be able to manage their emotions in a safe and gentle way. We might not have been taught how to do this before, but we are in the most incredible time in history – with access to tools and techniques to change patterns that WE have decided are not okay anymore. Your parents might have had some access to this kind of ‘thought – changing work’ but your grandparents? Maybe not. You can change the world, and it starts with you. The inner work. We can’t control ANYTHING that happens outside of us, we can only control ourselves. And then, the world is your oyster.


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Louisa Hussey

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