Every month Egbe Manton, Founder of Manton Legal and F&F’s legal partner shares her round-up of the business grants and loans you can be taking advantage of. Have a question or query? Hit the comments below and let us know otherwise feel free to contact Egbe directly, her DMs are open! Find her @EgbeManton.

🦠 Omicron Hospitality and Leisure Grant – This grant is aimed at hospitality, leisure and accommodation businesses. It is a payment of up to £6,000 provided by your local council. Relevant for Founders and Flourishers. – Deadline 31st March 2022 (the scheme will close for all on this date. However, different councils may have earlier deadlines) – Apply via your local council.


🏦 Deutsche Bank Awards for Creative Entrepreneurs is open for Applications – A cash prize fund of £20,000 is given to 5 individuals along with business support for a year. This is offered to individuals who would like to go into business or are in business in the creative industries. The £20,000 can be used to start or scale up your business. Relevant for Founders and Flourishers – Deadline March 31st 2022.

💇 Start-up Grant – Beauty backed trust – This grant is targeted at individuals who wish to enter the beauty industry by opening a salon or offering a new service. Each applicant can apply for (money, training, equipment, stock, mentoring and business advice). They can apply for up to £5,000 in value for the support received. Relevant for Founders and Flourishers. Launched in September 2021 and currently taking applications.

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Egbe Manton

Egbe Manton

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Egbe is on a mission to disrupt the legal space and bring it into the 21st-century. She is a lawyer and the founder of Manton Legal, a legal consultancy that offers simplified, affordable legal guidance to entrepreneurs and SMEs.

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