Every month Egbe Manton, Founder of Manton Legal and F&F’s legal partner shares her round-up of the business grants and loans you can be taking advantage of. Have a question or query? Hit the comments below and let us know otherwise feel free to contact Egbe directly, her DMs are open! Find her @EgbeManton.

💻 Help to Grown: Digital – UK A UK- wide scheme to help small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) adopt digital technologies. The Help to Grow: Digital website offers free and impartial advice on how technology can help increase productivity across all sectors. Most relevant for flourishers – Launched 20th January 2022 and currently taking applications.

💥 Power to Change – Up to £10,000 of extra funding to back community businesses such as community owned shops, hubs, pubs, sports facilities, local landmarks and more. Relevant for Founder and Flourishes Active and currently taking applications.

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Egbe Manton

Egbe Manton

About your author

Egbe is on a mission to disrupt the legal space and bring it into the 21st-century. She is a lawyer and the founder of Manton Legal, a legal consultancy that offers simplified, affordable legal guidance to entrepreneurs and SMEs.

You can find out more about Egbe and her business here.

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