“Establish your health goals for a more productive and balanced work life”

– Calandra Balfour, Entrepreneur and Wellness Expert.

Hi my name is Calandra Balfour and I’m an entrepreneur and wellness expert. For those in Brighton I’m facilitating a health coaching workshop for the F&F community, to help you establish your health goals for a more productive and balanced work life.

You may be wondering why this health workshop is for you, and how attending a health workshop will improve your business?

The Importance of Healthy Habits

When you are a business founder, work will often come first, and healthy habits can be the first to be sacrificed. Making time to go to the gym/ a yoga class or seeing friends often leads to an increase in productivity. 

I’ve seen with clients over and over, sometimes less is more. Establish healthy habits and the rest will follow, for example sticking to a healthy diet or improving sleep hygiene will increase focus and concentration, which will increase productivity and better decision–making in your business – health and success are linked.

What is health coaching?

As spring approaches, now is a good time to reassess your health goals, for the healthiest, happiest and most productive you. Health coaching is not about someone telling you what to do; it’s about YOU finding out what improvements you can make in your life. Avoid burnout, balance out the hard work and long hours to find balance and happiness (and peak productivity).

Implementing change

But what’s the best way to implement change that you’ll stick to? My favourite behaviour change theory is Nudge theory and I will go into the theory deeper during the workshop. But, the idea is that you make tiny changes that will make it easier for you to make a healthier decision with the time comes.

I will be using the ‘6 Pillars of Health’ as a framework, they are: Sleep, Food & Drink, Exercise, Connection, Relaxation, and Purpose. Together, we’ll work through each area so that attendees can identify areas in their life that could be enriched by small changes, and implement a change of action.

Join us for a ‘wellbeing in business’ workshop

I particularly love the workshops I facilitate with Found & Flourish. Numbers are limited so they are intimate and therefore powerful. They are fun, very interactive and there is no more a supportive (and smart!) environment than a room of business women all bettering themselves.

A group coaching session is an affordable way to have a coaching session, with the added benefit of hearing other people’s solutions. You’ll come away with a plan of action, precise and achieveable health goals unique to you and I’ll give you loads of tips and rechniques to achieve them.

See you on the 27th February!

About the author

Calandra is a Brighton-based entrepreneur, coach, and speaker. She believes it can be a hard and lonely road to transition from self-employed/small business owners to bigger things and wants to bring affordable coaching to everyone in the way of group workshops. You can also find her on Instagram @CalandraBalfour or Twitter @CalandraBalfour.

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