Date: Thursday 10th June 

Time: 12-1pm

Location: Zoom

Title: How to plan your work around your cycle with Amy Thomson


Our hormones govern almost everything in our body, both physically and mentally, so it’s no surprise that they have a huge impact on our lives – from the personal to the professional.

In this session we’ll be talking to femtech founder and author Amy Thomson – the amazing woman behind the Mood Month app – about the power of tracking your cycle🩸how understanding your hormones can lead to a happier work life and a better business mindset! We’ll also be diving into her experience as a female founder in the femtech space, this one is not to be missed!


We’re so excited to launch our new interview series – Health, Wealth & Hormones – where we’ll be discussing the topics that matter to our members most – when you’re away from your desks!


Each week we’ll be chatting with wellness founders and experts to tackle subjects that are sometimes shrouded in shame and rarely get the airtime they deserve.


We’ll talk about the everyday things that influence our entrepreneurial journey, find out how self-growth can impact business-growth and create a fun and inclusive space to chat about everything from money and motherhood to sex and self-care.


The series will also give you a chance to hear from inspirational founders who are challenging the status quo and learn what it takes to build a taboo-breaking brand.


You’re invited to tune in every Thursday lunchtime to hear from these amazing women and join this relaxed fireside chat with an intimate Q&A at the end.



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Date: Thursday 10th June



Amy Thomson


Amy Thomson is a British entrepreneur and author. She is the founder of the female health app and tech service Moody and author of Moody – A 21st Century Hormone Guide. She specialises in the future of data, business with emotional intelligence


About your Host

Coni Longden-Jefferson

Freelance Writer, & Founder of the Thea Collective. Coni cares and writes about all things reproductive health, body politics and sustainability – with a side of intersectional feminism and patriarchy smashing.


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