Date: Thursday 24th June

Time: 12-1pm

Location: Zoom 

Title: Breaking the Abortion Taboo and Creating Inclusive Care


Whilst abortion rights may have come a long way in the last few decades, it still remains one of the most hotly debated areas of reproductive health – and a topic many shy away from. 


In this session, we’ll be talking to Abortion Doula and Sex Educator Zachi Brewster about how her missed miscarriage and abortion inspired her to create Dopo – a space for holistic and inclusive abortion support – and the considerations and decisions she has made to ensure it’s a place that everyone and anyone can find the care they deserve. 

About this series

We’re so excited to launch our new interview series – Health, Wealth & Hormones – where we’ll be discussing the topics that matter to our members most – when you’re away from your desks!


Each week we’ll be chatting with wellness founders and experts to tackle subjects that are sometimes shrouded in shame and rarely get the airtime they deserve.


We’ll talk about the everyday things that influence our entrepreneurial journey, find out how self-growth can impact business-growth and create a fun and inclusive space to chat about everything from money and motherhood to sex and self-care.


The series will also give you a chance to hear from inspirational founders who are challenging the status quo and learn what it takes to build a taboo-breaking brand.


You’re invited to tune in every Thursday lunchtime to hear from these amazing women and join this relaxed fireside chat with an intimate Q&A at the end.



MEET OUR GUESt – zachi Brewster

Date: Thursday 24th June



Zachi Brewster


Zachi Brewster is an Abortion Doula, Sex Educator and Creator of Dopo Support – the home of holistic and inclusive abortion care. She is also a freelance writer and content creator, contributing her insights and experiences to various businesses in the reproductive health space.


About your Host

Coni Longden-Jefferson

Freelance Writer, & Founder of the Thea Collective. Coni cares and writes about all things reproductive health, body politics and sustainability – with a side of intersectional feminism and patriarchy smashing.


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