Date: Wednesday 19th Janaury

Time: 12-1pm

Location: All info can be found in the member events calendar

During this session Katie will cover why market research is so important and how you can use it to improve your products and services. She will look into the most common pitfalls small businesses make when trying to understand their customers. We’ll walk through her golden rules when it comes to asking your audience quality questions.

In business, in life, you’ll never ask the same questions again.

Leave this session with a clear understanding of how market research can empower you and your business this year. Armed with Katie’s golden rules for quality questions, you’ll be able to start asking your audience more powerful questions and get the answers you need to make the next right business decision. Get your head around surveys, customer interviews and desk research.

This session is for you if you want to learn how to understand your customers better. How to leverage market research to build more successful products and services. How to ask the right questions to get the insight you need to make confident business decisions. Sick of guessing your way through business? Sick of customers saying one thing and doing another? This session is for you.


About your Host


Katie Tucker aka the question crafter founded Product Jungle in 2020. She helps small businesses understand their customers better. Killer questions, knockout market research, Katie teaches tried and tested methods from the world of big tech and savvy start-ups. Unlocking the insights you need to make the next right decision.

Katie Tucker


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