Date: Wednesday 11th August

Time: 12:00 – 1:00pm

Location: Zoom


Meet your imposter.

It’s spoken about a lot but what is it really?

How is your own personal imposter holding you back from opportunities and adventures in your business and career? In this workshop we will understand our imposter so we can see her coming, say hi and bye before she takes over.

We will share tools and coaching to do just-that so you can leave feeling empowered and equipped with everything you need to succeed.



About your Host

Jaz Broughton, a certified coach, tech community manager and ambitious careers expert

Jaz Broughton

Meet Jaz Broughton, a certified coach, tech community manager and ambitious careers expert, and lover of tea and R&B. Jaz is on a mission to create phenomenal careers without limits and burnout so they can avoid the Sunday-night dread and dream big instead.

Instead of waiting for someone to make space for her dreams she created them, armed with business cards aged 14 she embraced the very ambition that continues to be her catalyst today. With over 10 years experience empowering folks to make change in their career, she brings candor and clarity to her clients so they-too can embrace their ambition and become the person they’ve always been.

Featured in and partnering with BBC’s Radio 1, Reed Recruitment, Monzo Bank, Air b&b, Tortoise Media & more. Jaz’ signature straight-talking style is both powerful and authentic, leaving people both inspired and equipped to get back in the driving seat of their careers. Her community love Jaz because of her practical approach, result-oriented training, and commitment to transform 10,000 careers by 2023.

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