Date: Wednesday 13th April

Time: 12pm-1pm

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Pre-pandemic, brands doing their own PR was usually with the intention to work with a PR agency once they have the funds or had scaled. Post-pandemic, we see more and more small businesses taking control of their PR and getting better results than those working with agencies. The world is a different place after COVID-19 – the press move quicker than ever before and this gives small business owners huge opportunities to pivot and jump on press opportunities.

During this session, I will show you how you can use PR to raise your profile. From podcasts to founder interviews, there are endless of press opportunities out there that can help increase your awareness. With the right approach, knowledge and contacts, your business can generate a consistent stream of coverage.


I’ll cover: 


  • The different types of raise your profile press and what you’ll need for each
  • How to establish your most relevant and press-worthy angles
  • Press releases & brand blurbs
  • Top tips for pitching to raise your profile press
  • The benefits of raising your profile through PR



You’ll walk away with a clearer understanding of what you’ll need to pitch to the press and how you can build your profile through PR – whether that’s on you as a founder, the team behind your business, your story, etc. It’ll help you think outside the box when it comes to press opportunities and give you the inspiration that you need to kickstart your PR journey. 


This is for you if you want to know how you can raise your profile through PR. Whether you run a product or service-based business, this session will be relevant to you.

About our guest

Rosie Davies Smith

Rosie Davies Smith is the founder of PR membership platform PR Dispatch. PR Dispatch supports product-based businesses to pitch to the press and build awareness through press coverage from £54/mo in just 90 mins a week. Their online PR learning & advice, step-by-step support by a team of PR experts, email pitch templates and regularly updated press databases mean you have access to everything you need to get your business noticed by the press. 
Rosie Davies Smith


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