Date: Thursday 3rd February

Time: 12-1pm

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We’re inviting you to join us LIVE as we record the second series of our Bossing it! podcast. Join us every week as we interview a new incredible founder – and get to feature on the podcast with our live, members only, Q&A session.

This series will be exploring real life stories of women on a mission to build big brands and fulfilled lives. Each guest will share the ups and downs of growing their business and get real about the challenges life has thrown their way on the road to success.

Every episode will be a new adventure, discovering a fresh outlook on life and business and a bunch of tips to help you on your own mission of entrepreneurship.

Want to get up close and personal with our amazing podcast guests? Now you can at our live recording, every Thursday at 12pm.

We will cover a range of topics from business, money, diversity, equality, motherhood, entrepreneurship, innovation and more and as members you’ll get the chance to ask your own questions as part of the record.

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About our guest

Heli Kurjanen

One of the biggest goals that Lunette founder, Heli Kurjanen, has is to bring the menstruation conversation to the mainstream. What better way to do this than by sponsoring an Emmy event? She glammed it up on the red carpet as she talked to celebs like Jamie Foxx, Justin Baldwin, and Emily Baldoni about menstrual cups and how they are changing the period game. One celebrity even announced, “I’m wearing my menstrual cup right now”. This is just one of the ways that Heli is furthering period positivity and making menstrual cups more accessible. Through global education and unexpected partnerships, she is shedding a new light on what it means to menstruate.

Heli Kurjanen


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