Date: The last Wednesday of every month

Time: 10:00 – 11:30am

Location: Zoom

Calling all F&F members!

Join us for our most popular event of the month – (virtual) Hugs & Brunch.

This is where we get together, drop our game faces and share our challenges as we offer solutions and connections to one another.

This event will be all about kicking back, meeting both old friends and new, expanding your circle in a beautiful and comfortable environment (via zoom for now!).

Because running a business is tough business. We’re right here with you.


About your Host


Lara Sheldrake

Lara is the Founder and Director of Found & Flourish, a digital platform for entrepreneurs, on a mission to create a culture of collaboration over competition. Empowering women in business through community, services and events. With a background in advertising and social media strategy, Lara has over ten years experience working with early stage startups to household brands.

Lara hopes by putting on events such as this one she can support other women in business to launch, grow and scale impactful businesses, offering them solidarity, support and connection.


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