Date: Wednesday 7th July

Time: 12:00 – 1:00pm

Location: Zoom


Suffering from money overwhelm? Or perhaps you simply want to know how to manage your cash flow to optimise your revenue and profit? We got you!


Join us for an inspiring Profit First workshop with Caroline Broadman, an established accountant and the Founder of CBC accountancy and The Organised Entrepreneurs Club community


In this session Caroline will talk you through Profit First, how to implement this cash management system in your small business. This is based on the background of Profit First author Mike Michalowicz and why he came up with the system to eradicate entrepreneurial poverty.


Caroline will also cover:


  • The fundamentals of the system and how to set it up for your business.
  • A run through of the Instant Assessment so that you can see where your business is at this point in time.
  • An explanation about the target %s used for each of the 5 pots (income, owner’s wages, operating expenses, save for tax and PROFIT) and how to work towards them in your business.


You will leave with the tools to assess where you business is in terms of cash management and with the information and knowledge to change how you manage cash.

You will leave feeling empowered and motivated to make changes to be a more profitable business.


Please note, we completely understand that this is a sensitive and sometimes scary and vulnerable subject to be discussing so some female founders may leave feeling overwhelmed and panicked. Caroline will be on hand after this workshop to talk through any worries you have. We will also be hosting a follow up next quarter for anyone who wants to check in on how using the system has worked for them.


This is for you if you want to:

– Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine

– Feel more confident in how you are managing the cash in your business



Really, it is for every female founder who wants to make more profit!


About your Host

Caroline Boardman, Accountant and Founder of CBC Consultancy



Caroline Boardman

Hi, I’m Caroline. Your approachable and supportive accountant, helping new and established small businesses in a personal and professional way. I founded CBC in September 2018. We are an accountancy practice, but more than that, we look after our clients, champion and promote them as well as offering help and advice on all aspects of business.

I studied accounting and finance at university from 2001 to 2005 and qualified with ACCA in 2008, all 1st time passes. I have worked in school finance, private practice and industry. My wealth of varied experience is what helps me to understand the needs of small business owners and being a small business owner myself, I am well connected to lots of professionals who can help you and your business too.

I look after the accounts and tax returns, payroll and VAT for clients, ensuring they are compliant and keeping HMRC at bay but also offer finance mentoring and Profit First accountability and generally champion and recommend my clients. I also co-run a Facebook Group, the Organised Entrepreneurs Club which is exclusive for clients of CBC and Clear Day.  

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