Date: Wednesday 4th August

Time: 12:00 – 1:00pm

Location: Zoom


“Your number one employee in your business is your brain. Making sure your brain is working for you – and not against you – is crucial to your success.” – Victoria Ward

In this workshop Victoria will teach you how to use self-hypnosis to create inner change so that you can create outer results in your business. She will demystify hypnosis and explain the difference between hypnosis and meditation, giving you the confidence and the tools to incorporate self-hypnosis into your own mindset work. You’ll learn how to do self-hypnosis through hypnosis, as she guides you through the process hypnotically.

You will leave with an understanding of the natural process of hypnosis, and with the confidence to use self-hypnosis as part of your own daily practice. You’ll also experience a calming and empowering hypnosis session.

This is for you if you keep reading about how important it is to change your mindset but are never told how to actually do it.

Join us if you are curious about hypnosis and want to learn how you can have more control over the mental and psychological ways you get in your own way of success.



About your Host

Victoria Ward, Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Mindset Consultant

Victoria Ward

Victoria Ward is a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Mindset Consultant. She works one to one with people in business to help them overcome the mindset issues that are keeping them from the success they dream of. Victoria also teaches self-hypnosis to business owners so that they can use the power of hypnosis in their own professional and personal growth.

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