I need to reset my password. Head to your account page and you will notice a (*) button to ‘Change Password’.

How can I manage/cancel my account? Please head to your account for further instructions for editing your billing details or cancelling your membership. You can hover over the various icons and select the correct section depending on what you want to do.

I need to update my card details. Please head to your account and then select ‘Subscriptions‘ (the book icon) where you will be able to update your card details.

Something is not working on the website or a resource is missing? Please clear your cache or cookies. If the error persists, please let us know and we will look into it and update you as soon as it is fixed. 

How can I find/reach out to a fellow member? If you have been paired with a coffee date or accountability buddy, you will be able to find their details within the directory which is located here. Any issues please let us know.

How can I access the event calendar? Subscribe to the events calendar here and have all of the events and zoom links added straight into your diary.

How can I collaborate with F&F? We love collaborating with a range of experts and always strive to deliver quality content that’s both educational and inspirational for all women. You can contribute to our features, academy or perks page (or all three!). More info can be found here.

Can I run an event with F&F? Everyone is welcome to apply, our event schedule is limited and usually planned 6 month in advance so we suggest all members start with using the FB live feature and finding out what it is their fellow members need in the way of support and insight. You can apply here via the same form as above.

Can I feature on the F&F platform? Yes, absolutely! We’re always looking for useful content to add to our academy. We cover subjects from PR & Branding, Digital Marketing & Social Media, Sales & Negotiation, Leadership & Personal Development to Money & Fundraising, Business Strategy, Business Accounting & Legal, Wellbeing and Diversity & Inclusion. You can apply here.

Can you share my posts on insta? Yes! We love hearing your success stories and even more so when they’re collaborations with fellow members. Simply tag us and use the hashtag #FoundFlourishCollab. We can’t guarantee a share every time but when we can, we will.

Do I need to sign up to ‘Buddy Up’ and ‘Coffee Roulette’ every time?  Yes, at the end of each month you will be prompted to sign up, you will then be sent your new pairing. Should you wish to remain in your buddy up pairing all you need to do is not sign up the following month and remain in your pairing until you wish to be repaired.


Got a question that hasn’t been answered? Let us know via community@foundflourish.co.uk.


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