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Our events are created to empower women in business with the confidence and tools they need to found and flourish in business. These include panel events, interviews, meet-ups, workshops, intentional networking, wellbeing, group problem-solving and pitch practice – whether you’re just starting out on your entrepneruial journey or you’re looking to grow your business, we got you. Want access to early bird discounts and free events? Sign up to our membership for all this and more!

F&F Confidence & Wellbeing


You will be so full of oxytocin when you leave you won’t know which way the station is.


Best interview I’ve heard in a long time!


Amazing event, so insightful! Thank you so much!!


Thank you Found & Flourish for another kick-ass event!


Great event, loved hearing female founders share their experiences taking an idea to creation!

Balance Social

Thanks for the panel event, we love what you do!!



Personal Branding Masterclass

Sallee Poinsette-Nash human brand builder running he personal branding masterclass with Lara Sheldrake, founder of Found & Flourish.

Investment Masterclass

Investment Masterclass with Antonia Taylor, Emilie Bellet, Keji Mustapha, Merlie Calvert and Vivi Friedgut


Katie Massie-Taylor and Sarah Hesz, founders of Mush, interviewed by Lara Sheldrake, founder of Found & Flourish.


The conversation continues after our interview with Rachita Saraogi and Rebecca Thomson, founders of Sisterhood.

Hugs & Brunch

Hugs & Brunch at The Grind London

From Idea to Creation

Panellists on International Women’s Day 2019. Davinia Tomlinson, founder of Rainchq, Fabienne O’Neill, founder of Cuckooz Nest, Roberta Lucca, founder of Bossa Studios and Frankie Cotton, founder of Found & Flourish.

No More Lame Networking This Christmas

Our 2018 Christmas party for founders.


Thanks to Dawn Kelly at Bird Lime Media for capturing the essence of our amazing personal branding masterclasses at Huckletree, London Co-hosted with human brand builder Sallee Poinsette-Nash


Thank you to Anja Poehlmann for showcasing our awesome IWD event on sex and women empowerment at PLATF9RM in Hove.


Thanks to Kenny Clayton for creating this awesome little snapshot of our wellbeing in business panel event in Huckletree, Manchester


Thanks to Dawn Kelly at Bird Lime Media for capturing the magic at our F&F Christmas Party in 2019, Gin Works, London.


01 // No more lame networking. We aim to bring you London’s best networking experience, so you’re meeting both old friends and new, expanding your circle in beautiful, comfortable and inspiring environments.

02 // Leave your ego at the door. The Found & Flourish community is about lifting each other to achieve great things. It’s not about comparison or competition. Every single person who walks through the door is equal and welcome.

03 // Something to be gained, always. Our events are built to educate, connect or inspire – and often all three! We’ll always ask for your feedback, to make sure we’re delivering on our promise and that you’re getting what you need.

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