Being an entrepreneur is very demanding. Ute Stephan a, professor of entrepreneurship at Aston University, found that entrepreneurs generally work the longest hours, and constantly face a myriad of stressors, notably a high workload and work intensity, as well as lots of financial concerns. Not to mention, there’s an expectation to develop an expertise in various areas of management — finance, marketing, operations, and even human resource management — to effectively manage your business.

These challenges, according to Stephan, make being an entrepreneur a thankless but satisfying job. These challenges are also the very reasons why health is wealth for entrepreneurs like you. As SPINCO founder and fitness enthusiast Michelle August explains, there is a cost to being your own boss. That cost can be in the form of chronic fatigue, unmanaged stress, and weight gain — all signs of neglected health.

A healthy you equals optimum performance

When you have poor health, your ability to lead and take care of your staff and clients will also be compromised. Good health, however, will make your mind sharper, and improve both your memory and ability to focus. It will also enhance your creativity, problem-solving acumen, and comprehension. The results, in turn, will be better attention to detail, better judgment, careful decision-making, and excellent foresight.

Not to mention, good health will keep you from being irritable and moody, both of which are telltale signs of being overworked and poor health. This happening can drive a wedge between you and your team (and even customers), as they are likely to bear the brunt of your irritability and moodiness. Just as important, good health will help you better deal with stress, something that entrepreneurs are all too familiar with.

That’s just the mental side of things. Writing for Entrepreneur, Alcobrew chairman Romesh Pandita points out that fit and healthy leaders have more energy and are more productive. Optimum fitness will let you face the everyday challenges that come with being an entrepreneur, including leading your team and attending to paperwork. In other words, being healthy and fit will allow you to work those long hours with better intensity and more commitment. You’ll also be able to keep at it for longer, without worrying about your body ultimately breaking down.

Moreover, good health and fitness inspire both tenacity and confidence, and they translate favourably in your interactions with your staff, suppliers, and clients.

Run to get fit

Exercising regularly is one of the best things you can do to keep your mind sharp and your energy levels up. Regular exercise also improves your mental health and reduces your risk of illness. While you have a range of options here, Business Insider reports that running is one of the best exercises to take up because of the numerous health benefits and how easy it is to integrate into your busy daily routine. Running, in fact, is heralded as somewhat of a wonder drug, as it can actually alter the brain to make it stress-resistant. That’s on top of running’s other known benefits, such as enhanced cardiovascular fitness, better memory, and improved mood and focus.

Another great benefit of running is how easy it is to improve. Like running a business, you are able to continuously improve your running technique, either through endurance or speed. Nurvv notes that you can improve your pace by increasing your cadence (number of steps taken per minute) and your step length. They also suggest that after finding your cadence and step length, you should then focus on your weak spots in order to get faster (a lesson that translates well to business). In doing so, you will make steady progress in terms of your speed and stamina. This progress, in turn, will motivate you to keep on running and stay healthy, and will also help you push yourself harder at work.

Start Now

On a final note, it is important to keep in mind that any get-fit initiative should start with a lifestyle change. A good start in this regard is by following the tips in our article entitled ‘Top Tips to Set You Up for a Day of High Performance, Productivity, Focus and Flow’. This can involve focusing on your breathing, making your bed early in the morning, being grateful (for anything, really), prioritising truly important tasks, connecting with people, eating healthy, and yes, moving your body.

Indeed, health is wealth. A healthy you, in turn, will be able to impact your business in an even bigger, bolder way.

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