As the mother of a spirited (!) 18 month old, I’d be lying if I said juggling childcare, studying for my MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology and setting up my recently launched coaching business for mothers over the past few months hasn’t been a challenge! In September I was finding things particularly hard. Having decided to use the summer break from university to work on my business branding and website, I had employed a great website designer, but when it came to deciding on a name for the business, I hit a wall. Nothing I came up with felt right or authentic enough. To add to my stress, the start of term was fast approaching, which meant I was running out of time.

Coincidentally, on the day I was at my lowest ebb a fellow coach mentioned human brand builder, Sallee-Poinsette Nash, who he had worked with on the branding for his own coaching business. He shared the link to a one day course on branding that she was running in conjunction with Found & Flourish – the Brand DNA Masterclass – which happened to be just a few days away. I wasn’t familiar with Sallee or with Found & Flourish but in my desperation decided to sign up to the course, and even though we were already missing deadlines left, right and centre I asked my patient website designer for a couple of days’ grace so I could figure things out.

Personal Branding Masterclass

I couldn’t have been happier with my decision. The Brand DNA Masterclass was brilliant, full of insightful and easily implementable strategies and tips and delivered with real panache. Sallee’s style is both personable and professional and she has a subtle but effective way of building up participants’ confidence, so that by the end of the day everyone was buzzing with enthusiasm. The other attendees were a great mix of friendly female entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds. It was interesting and inspiring to hear their stories, and thanks to Found & Flourish’s excellent network I’ve stayed in touch with some of them.

After the Brand DNA Masterclass Sallee kindly agreed to a short call to give me some further advice. Within a week I had my mojo back! Not to mention a business name and clear branding strategy. I picked things back up with the designer and, by mid-October – only two weeks later than originally planned – the website for my coaching business for mothers, The Flourishing Mother, was launched! Soon after, I attended the second part of the Brand DNA Masterclass and was delighted to be able to share with Sallee and my fellow attendees – many of whom were also returning after attending the first session – how far I had come.

So, what did I learn?

The most important lesson was to think bigger. Sallee made me realise how narrow my scope was. I may be confident in my coaching ability, but this wasn’t coming across in the way I was presenting myself. I didn’t have a vision for the future, or a tangible grasp of where my business could go, and that was hindering my ability to come up with a suitable name and feel comfortable with developing the branding.

Secondly, I learned that I wasn’t alone. When you’re starting out as a female entrepreneur it can feel really overwhelming, so having someone who has successfully trodden the path ahead of you stand up and share their experience, whilst meeting others who are doing the same as you, is really invaluable. Through Found & Flourish I’ve made some inspirational connections. I’m so grateful for this network of sassy, switched on women!

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About the author

Belinda Jane Batt is a mother, positive psychology coach and Founder of The Flourishing Mother, which supports mothers to flourish in life and at work.

Belinda shares her experiences of attending a Personal Branding Found & Flourish event with Human Brand Builder Sallee Poinsette-Nash.


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