It’s so important for us as women entrepreneurs to remember that we are brand ambassadors for our businesses. As a PR professional, I have seen what can happen when people forget that they not only represent their brands but how they represent it can ultimately have an effect on the reputation on their product of service. As an entrepreneur/founder, you can influence public perception and even attract or distract from your business.  

Here are just a few simple ways that every entrepreneur should keep in mind when representing their business brands so that you can become a quality brand ambassador…

You are an influencer

You might not have thousands of followers, but your presence as a woman in business is influential. In whatever space you find yourself in whether it’s online or offline your expertise and simply the fact that you have taken steps to create and launch a business means you have some influence. How you use your influence, however, is something for you to decide. You don’t necessarily have to be intentional if you choose not to, but you may want to direct your business influence towards thought leadership, mentoring & sponsorship, public speaking or you might even decide to write a book. Once you recognise that you are influential in your own right, it becomes easier to navigate through spaces and represent your business with confidence.

Spread the good news

If you or your business is doing something amazing, SHARE IT! Don’t wait for people to celebrate you. Start sharing your good news stories as your tribe grows- from wherever you are, and the recognition will come. Not only will it make you stand, but it will enable you to attract more media coverage for your business organically as the good news is circulated.

Invest in good visuals for your business or yourself

The power of a good quality image should never be underestimated. As an individual get some good studio images and headshots (not selfies) but also make sure that you capture great in-action shots even as you’re working from home. Quality images build a connection with your consumer base, and whilst you don’t have to share images of your private/personal life, having quality images to use is useful for media features.

Be Mindful of Your digital footprint  

Your social media presence should be a reflection of your personal brand. As the owner of a business, everything you share online can easily be traced back to your brand, so be wise. If you’re using social media, be confident that you’re happy with what you share and always assess your intentions before sharing. Certain platforms make it easy to become reactive or emotive about certain issues; remember that even if a customer isn’t always necessarily right, your tone on social media needs to be balanced and respectful. Screenshots and re-posts mean that nothing on social media can ever really be erased.

Be who you want to see! 

Represent your personal/business brand authentically and confidently, both offline and online. Carry yourself in the manner in which you want to be identified as. Don’t try to replicate or impersonate anyone else; be true to yourself.

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Ronke Lawal

Ronke Lawal

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Ronke Lawal is the founder of Ariatu PR. She is a passionate advocate for enterprise and equality and equity through diverse and inclusive leadership. She is regularly invited to facilitate training in personal branding, PR strategy and media training as well as an active public speaker.

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