Last Friday, we hosted an incredible panel of all-female founders and PR experts at Huckletree Shoreditch in partnership with Wern PR. Entitled How to get publicity for you and your business, we discussed the do’s and don’ts of PR, why it’s not always about sending out a press release and the importance of nailing your business mission and values.

Meet The Panellists

Our Host, Lucy Werner, founder of The Wern

Lucy, is the founder of Wern Chat PR, a communications consultancy for small businesses, entrepreneurs and independent brands. She is a PR expert as well as creates toolkits, events and one-to-one coaching to teach people how to do DIY PR. Lucy reminded us that competition isn’t necessarily a bad thing…

Antonia Taylor, founder of Antonia Taylor PR

Antonia, helps fast-growth businesses engage with and grow their audiences through creative 360-degree comms strategies. Since starting out in London agency life, she’s created a lane to help SMEs share their message and establish brand position. On the panel, she shared some of her tops tips on where to start…


Ronke Lawal, founder of Ariatu PR.

Ronke, a PR expert and consultant is a passionate advocate for enterprise, equality for all, women in business and leadership. She talked to us about the importance of understanding what it is you really needed from a PR drive. She also highlighted an incredibly common mistake people make and how to avoid it from happening…


Rachel Bradley, founder of Gossip Girl PR.

Rachel Bradley is founder of Gossip Girl PR, a PR and social media consultancy based in Berkshire. A trained journalist she has worked for the BBC, L’Oreal and Wella as well as consulting for a range of London based PR agencies on a freelance basis. Rachel reminded us that it’s not all about numbers and to be incredibly clear on our business mission and values….

A few takeaways from our PR experts…

Ronke –


“You are your product so don’t be afraid to be personal in a professional arena”

“Focus on the platforms that work for you”

“Make sure you have the basics. Name, bio, photo, contact details, make it clear that PRs can get in touch.”

“Follow researchers and producers on Twitter – link in with them – build relationships.” –
When speaking about how to get on TV

“Keep going and be consistent!”

Get in touch with Ronke Lawal, here.

Rachel –


“Make sure you’ve established the relevant hashtags to your business and use them across every platform. Use relevant ones to the noteworthy calendar dates.”

“Work backwards and nail your lead times for product launches. Don’t send anything until you’ve sent info, good picture (small file) and your one liner.”

“Make sure all the key info is right at the top of your email to journalists.”

Get in touch with Rachel Bradley, here.

Lucy –


“Follow the people you’d like to be consuming your product. Aim for influencers with a lower number of followers (5-10k followers) and test their response, see how it goes. Start engaging looking for feedback, “Hi, I’m launching a product, new to market would you like to try it out?” – on approaching influencers.

“Source people, magazines, publications, who relate to your brand and look into virgin enterprise talks and events, see who is on the panel or featuring in their event.”
– How to approach experts and speakers

Get in touch with Lucy Werner, here.

Antonia –


“Talk about why you’re different, what’s your niche subject, what can you being to the conversation.” – How to pitch to be on a podcast.

“Start crafting your brand story, what is your vision for the business, establish your niche. Bring together all of your collateral. Then you can do a press release.” – When are you ready to launch a press release?

“Get your photography sorted, have your head shot.”

“Make your business case, why does it matter? What is possible? Why should people care?”

Get in touch with Antonia Taylor, here.

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With love, Lara x

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Lara Sheldrake is a Social Media Strategist and Co-founder at Found & Flourish. Lara writes and speaks on the topics of entrepreneurship, motherhood and social media for business. She also hosts the Bossing It podcast, aimed at empowering the next generation of female founders in the UK. Send Lara an email. You can also find her on Instagram @Lara_Sheldrake or Twitter @Lara_Sheldrake.

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