Last week, Samantha Clarke, Happiness Consultant and the author of ‘Love it, or leave it’ joined us for a group coaching session exclusively for members. The hour was packed full of tips, tools and resources.

There were so many ‘ah-ha!’ moments we wanted to give you a little summary of our key takeaways. 

Here are some key takeaways to set you up for your week ahead: 

If you’re feeling time poor and frustrated with the lack of “flow” in your business, look at your calendar and commitments, where are you wasting time? What activities are doing to make money? Where can you be delegating? 

Focus on Profit

Then ask yourself:

🔥Is this generating revenue?  

🔥Is this serving my clients? 

🔥How am I leveraging what I can, to make money? 

Passion is incredibly important but if what you’re doing isn’t making you money, you need to reevaluate what you can be doing to monetise your time and effort.

Manage your time

To optimise the times you are most productive, think about how your splitting up your week, as an example:

  • Monday morning – Admin/check in
  • Tuesday morning – Learning/self-development
  • Wednesday – Business development
  • Friday – Reflection/visualising
  • Weekend – Rejuvenation/self-care

We also discussed how emails and social media can be a drain on our energy and productivity. So top tip, create before you consume. What tasks can you complete before you open up your phone to consume external information?


Reflection is really important when you’re running your own business, especially if you find yourself being time poor. This is time you will need to factor in, perhaps Friday? What do you need to do in order to take your business to the next level? A few examples could be learning new practices, admin, marketing, business building, rejuvenation, self care etc.

Here’s a great framework of self reflection (you may recognise this from a previous members newsletter a few weeks ago) :

👉What will I start doing?

👉What will I stop doing? 

👉What will I continue doing in order to be productive? 

Want to find out more? 
You can contact Samantha Clarke, buy her book and find out more here.

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Leah williams

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