This interview series features inspiring female entrepreneurs who have launched and run successful businesses. Through our peers’ experiences, we can learn practical lessons and insights to empower us on our entrepreneurial paths. Crucially, storytelling de-risks entrepreneurship so we believe it is an essential pillar in closing the opportunity gap for female founders.

Firstly, tell us a bit about you? 

My name is Bianca Gregg, I am a 31 year old entrepreneur who lives in beautiful Byron Bay Australia. I show passion in everything I do and I am a dog mum to two beautiful British Bulldogs, Meatloaf & King.

I am Co-Founder and Global Sales Director of Del Rainbow which is a Global Wholesale Agency specialising in Sales, Brand Consultancy and Logistics for ethical brands. Under Del Rainbow’s arc we have built a sustainable retail store ‘Del Rainbow Store’, boutique accommodation ‘STAY’ – and our latest venture, Del Moment; a responsible and sustainable RTW brand made locally in Australia.

I am filled with passion and drive to cultivate change, deeply inspired by spiritual development and personal growth. I trust in the power of being unapologetically who you are and allowing that to drive you to your purpose, which I believe should be infiltrated into everything we do, create, and build. I am joyous and filled with an optimistic nature. My purpose is to uplift, bring joy and power of vulnerability to others.


Tell us about your business, how did you come up with the idea? 

Del Moment is a responsible and sustainable Ready-To-Wear brand made locally in Australia.

From design to dispatch, every step within the creation process is documented and shared as a part of our ‘Style-By-Style’ journey to showcase radical transparency and inclusivity with our community.

Del Moment is so much more than just the final product. We invite all to oversee our decisions and why they were made; by showcasing every stage of the making process, the people behind each process and what they stand for across manufacturers, suppliers and creators. We are proud to call these elements our ‘Foundations’, as the brand was founded on this purpose and to standardize responsible fashion. 

We trust that as a brand, when you share everything with utter transparency, it instils an intrinsic value into the product. When your community can really connect with the story of each piece, they can then start to uncover why buying sustainably is a must.

Del Moment means to be ‘of the moment’. 

Del Moment was created from the intention to create and cultivate change within our industry and to really challenge the boundaries of sustainability. After working in the fashion industry for nearly 12 years and being witness to the issues within the industry, it was a very natural progression for our agency Del Rainbow to create this in-house brand. We are actively working with brands within the agency to build their sustainability practices and to give them platforms worldwide to connect with an audience and grow, and we were curious how to create larger impact within the making processes and the founding stages, how to really do it all and cover all areas of sustainability.


What is your main inspiration and driver for your business and how do you  create positive change in the world?

Del Moment was created to educate ourselves, and others—valuing progress, purpose, and people before product, always.

This will always be the driver for our brand and from this foundation, will continue to drive positive change. I have already been a witness to the change this has had on myself and our team, who have gone forth and educated so many more in their choices providing alternative pathways, ensuring that they are connected with their hearts to what they are purposefully doing, making genuine, lasting change in other businesses, as well as our own.

We need to be stepping into human connection within every industry and this is how we do it; through love, care and passion. People want to follow a vision; we want to offer one that really matters when they are looking for pieces to become a part of their lives for years to come.

We want them to see every inch of the creation process to understand it wholeheartedly before making a commitment.

Del Moment is intent on redefining the way we dress, and how the pieces in our wardrobe came to be. Defined by the notion of time, Del Moment celebrates the wearer—reminding us of moments that mark what we’ve achieved, and welcome possibilities for the direction we are about take. Can clothes really do all that? I know so. Our industry is the largest industry in the world and has the ability to connect with so many people in all walks of life, a channel for people to express themselves, and it is our duty to make change and work from this purpose.

Del Moment represents the wardrobe we want and would be proud to wear. With decades of experience uniting us, we certainly acknowledge our privilege to enter this space. Being witness to what has been done before, and what has been accepted has led us to consciously resist these problematic practices and begin to set a new standard. Redefining value was key: how do we not just invest in a brand, but in our community, in ourselves, and our future selves. Del Moment is a fluid, ever-evolving concept, filling the voids we feel called to—and that you, our community, propel us towards. I also know that the energetic vision behind Del Moment and all that it embodies is filled with love and power, I know that whomever wears this product will feel that and have this impact the special moments in their lives whilst wearing DM. We want to crack open the broader people’s mindset and inspire new thought processes in having more knowledge and education on what it takes to create product and what choices they should be seeing advocated everywhere.

The people have the power in what they support and what will then be the defining availability worldwide. If we can make a change in just one person or invigorate passion and understanding, then we have made an impact. We want our industry peers to work together to find and create from the best sustainable choices and be compelled to only operate from this space, no matter what the cost and if not, then not to proceed. We will continue to strive to push these boundaries and build a community based on vulnerability as we believe this ignites purpose and empowerment.


What was the moment that everything changed for you?

It really began when I was working in wholesale season within Del Rainbow and I couldn’t possibly stand behind or tell the story of product that didn’t meet the ethical standards that I believed in. I could not sell more of something that wouldn’t make an impact and I was pushing and pushing others to advocate transparency at this time and it was taking such a long time to do so (which I do understand), but that wasn’t enough for me. I wanted all in, all or nothing kind of movement. So that very night, I had a dream of the first piece ever designed, the Wave Shirt, ready to make waves. I took this as a sign from my higher self and the next day, it was like the universe provided and a production manager sent in a CV. I knew it was time to take the leap and begin the foundational stage of research and getting Del Moment into action. Little did I know it would take almost 18 months to do so before even getting to the launch stage, but what was going to be done right, was going to take time. I wrote down the vision for Del Moment and what we stood for, but most importantly, I wrote down why we would create.

A strong mission statement that is at the foundation of all that we do so no matter what challenge or whenever we needed to overcome a hurdle, we could look back to why we do what we do and our personal ‘why’ behind this brand. We hired a production manager (it’s important to outsource what you do not have the skills in) to begin sourcing and connecting to suppliers who held the same values and environmental practices that we had written in our code of conduct and certain certifications we needed to ensure were in place and that is where the journey began.


What were the initial challenges you came up against and how did you overcome them? 

We experienced so many initial challenges it is hard to put them to paper. The biggest challenge was the lack of availability of sustainable choices that met the standards we were looking for within the fabric, trims and local supply chain for a start-up beginning with lower volumes.


What was the first win that made you feel you were onto something?  

The very first time I saw the first sample of the Wave Shirt and put it on, I felt all the journey, the specialness of this piece and everything that it stood for. It was that moment that kept me pushing despite all the challenges to get to that point. It was the same time that I had begun writing the Style-By-Style-Journey for each piece and seeing how much this excited our team, I knew both the purpose, intention and the final product were all really strong.


Did you take the investment route for your business or are you self-funded?  Can you share some insights on your decision and the process?

Del Moment is entirely self-funded and always will be. I really believe in the impact of the responsibility of self-funding, the lessons, learnings and the unique impact that makes on the feeling of the final result. You cannot buy that. We have never had any investment or funding in any of our businesses, so this was the natural pathway for Del Moment. It’s kind of an amazing circulatory system in which Del Moment got funded as it is from our wholesale agency, Del Rainbow that has funded this journey. By wholesaling ethical brands, standing behind them with such passion and connecting them with people who work for larger platforms who then spread their vision, ethos, and connect them to a greater audience by believing and supporting what they do. This has then allowed us to cash plan in increments over time to put aside funding to go on our own journey for education surrounding sustainability and making strong ethical choices wholistically from the foundation up. Although it has not been easy, self-funding a start up in COVID which is fed by another start up business who has experienced the brunt of the COVID impact globally has been a challenge.


What has been your best investment? 

Our website. I really wanted to ensure that we had a solid platform also pushed the boundaries to showcase the level of ethical and sustainable practices Del Moment was founded on, the fabrics, the dyeing, the trims plus the journey, the people, our mission, and impact. No matter where you are in the world, your site gives you a global business and the opportunity to connect with a global audience. I am so proud of our Del Moment website as it does all of this and in such a functional interactive way. I am a big believer in connecting with human beings based on their senses, I wanted to ensure that the digital space encapsulated this with our customer being able to head to the website and have a sensory experience as if they were in person in a store with the product and people behind the brand telling the story. You see interactive pieces showcasing sustainability by clicking icons, style journeys from start to finish on every product page, all product information, unique AM-PM looks and dressing where the site flips from light to dark (as we believe the capsule wardrobe takes you from AM-PM and you can reinvent pieces for multiple different looks) and the voice-overs telling the style story that you can listen to.


Have you made any mistakes or faux pas? If so, can you share with us? 

I have always worked in a service industry, prior to Del Moment where I was the one sole element that I could always rely on to get the job done. In saying that, from this, I think the biggest mistake I have made to begin with what not diversifying our production enough, in a very limited small local Australian industry entrusting our entire production line in one person who managed one manufacturing team. The day that we launched our brand, our one main manufacturer for all our product bar our denim, decided to shut down without any warning not completing our final production run for pre-order styles and unfortunately had also just sent us faulty goods that we had paid for in full in advance, didn’t repair, or refund us nor help. So, this has taken us some time post launch to begin the whole foundational process of manufacturing again and setting up a new relationship, thankfully with the help of our amazing new team, we have gotten there. Always diversifying and have a backup from the beginning as you are relying on a magnitude of others and there can be things that get in the way or issues that arise.


What’s your experience of being a woman in the start-up ecosystem and  what in your mind needs to change? 

I truly have had a great experience being both a woman and in the start-up ecosystem and I am surrounded by an incredible team of strong and incredibly talented women. In our industry, we are so blessed to also be surrounded by such a vast majority of female founded and operated businesses. In my experience, the only thing that needs to change is the question or view on being ‘too young’, I don’t believe that experience always counts. It is your drive, your purpose and what you are willing to do and sacrifice that should be considered. I was a co-founder in my first business when I was 21 years old, ten years ago I was taught to lie about my age as a female to be taken seriously, when I knew I was more driven, resilient and with a mindset cracked wide open to do a stronger and better job than those older than me, because of why I did what I did and the way I channeled this into my profession. Your on-ground experience of a few years in the right environment combined with who you are, can set you up to have more knowledge and expertise than those who have had years on you. It all depends on the individual and how much you are willing to work for it.


What’s been the greatest lesson you’ve learnt since starting your own  business? 

You have to be the most vulnerable, most raw, most empathetic and the most YOU in order to lead from authenticity and ignite others. Vulnerability is true power, and this brings forth the best version of yourself and the people that you surround you. It encourages people to be themselves and from that place you will achieve the greatest results together. Personal empowerment channeled in a professional space is the key to success. This creates a community of like-minded magnetic individuals, what you can overcome as a team operating as a lit up collective consciousness is so powerful. Even when you think you’ve reached your limit, dig deeper and that grit will prevail. I have learnt that no matter what, if I send myself back to why I do what I do and my purpose, leaning into vulnerability, I can get through anything.


Have you had any role models or mentors along the way?

My role models are my team. They are the greatest group of individuals that I am blessed to co-create with every day. Their drive and passion inspire me. You are nothing without your people and every day they bring me joy and remind me of our collective goal. I love to acknowledge their greatness.

My higher self is my guide.


What has been your biggest learning of 2022 so far?

That nothing can stop us. Nor will we ever let it and our grit to see our mission through is solid and strong. It is our light to continue to look forward to despite anything seemingly blocking our way. Since the beginning of 2022 we have experienced so many environmental and social impacts from the new COVID strains, logistical impacts of COVID, people’s mental health break downs, lack of supply chains, financial impacts to right now in our community here in Byron Bay experiencing the biggest natural disaster in history with towns flooded and a crisis unlike anything we’ve ever seen- and still, we will push through. If you want it, you must show up every day no matter what is going on externally and you will, find a way.


With the future in mind, where would you like to be/where do you see  yourself in the next five years? 

I will be continuing to drive the Del Moment story to the world, combining the commitment to cultivate change, fill the voids we feel called to, progressing with developments of achieving newfound ways of sustainable practices, all with the notion of empowering people. I hope to be doing this on a larger scale and teaching others how to achieve this whilst bringing forth their most powerful selves.


What books, podcasts or resources would you recommend?

What advice would you give anyone about to start a business? 

No-one is you and that is your power. Your unique elements that make up who you are is what your point of difference is. Know what your ‘why’ is, why you do what you do or why you are striving to create and work from this purpose only throughout every stage of your creation process. Know that deeper purpose that is within you that will drive everything that you do and every choice that you will make. If you don’t know why you do what you do or why you have started, you do not have a purpose or intention to work from that is strong enough to maintain you to have your unwavering passion or drive. You need this. You need to be working from a deeper higher purpose and passion, this is what you will drive from for the wins and the challenges. Passion breads creativity and purpose.  Hold true to your purpose and never stray from this despite any challenge. Every challenge will be sending you to where you are supposed to be and help build your character, resilience, and strength. Remember within each moment, why you started and that everything is perfect as it is, so during the wins the losses the good the bad, it is all perfect because it is continuing you to your aligned path, exactly where you ought to be, it is perfect. Trust the process and lean into the trust within each moment.


Finally, where can we find you/how can we support you? 

Del Moment

Instagram | Website

Del Rainbow

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Del Rainbow Store

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