Following on from our money panel last week on “Knowing Your Worth” I wanted to share some key learnings for those who were unable to make the live event.

Most of us have been there where we’ve undercharged or felt awkward talking about money. 

During our panel we unpicked some of the reasons behind why we, as women especially, find it difficult to talk about money. Turns out, a lot of it stems from a much younger age, whether it’s the language used around us when we were children or our parent’s relationship with money, this will have had a direct impact on the relationship we built with money as we grew up.

Results from a poll on the Found & Flourish Instagram revealed that almost 80% of the community said they felt they didn’t have a good relationship with money. They felt awkward talking about it, they felt they were undercharging and that they had a lack of confidence which held them back from asking for more. If you can relate to this, read on.

Top tips for knowing your worth:

  • Focus on all the positive feedback you’ve had, save it somewhere so you can remind yourself of the value you have provided to date. This is especially useful in moments of self doubt.
  • If someone has an issue with your rate or price, remember this says more about them than it does you. Perhaps you can consider new ways of communicating your value? What are their reservations? Ask questions to better understand their expectations and then respond communicating the value you are offering. 
  • Negotiation is about good communication so be open to a conversation, make your potential client/customer feel at ease when speaking with you and allow them the time to explain their challenges so you can respond accordingly.
  • You do not need to give away freebies, in fact the more you offer for free, the less valued you and your services will be.
  • You must maintain a price that YOU feel good about.
  • Decide on a price that works for you and when you’ve had at least three people agree to work with you at that price, increase it, if you feel you should be charging more.
  • Another tip around pricing was to decide on a number and then add 20%! The thinking behind this is that you will most likely be undercharging for your time and services. 
  • When negotiating a price with a potential client or customer, be confident in the value you have to offer. You can remind them of the value of your services by asking them to tell you the challenges they are facing, then you can respond with the solution you are providing them.

I thought I’d leave you with the closing advice from each of our wonderful panelists when it came to practical next steps you can take to improve your relationship with money. ⠀

Ellie on relationships and money

“It’s so important to talk about our beliefs when it comes to money, we all have different circumstances and situations so understanding our relationship with money is so important. Talk about it with your partner, be aware of how you feel about it and then make a plan. Remember to take emotion out of it and keep it factual.” ⠀

Prerna on how to manage money better

“Start with the numbers. Don’t bury your head in the sand and make sure you know where you are with money so you can then take the steps to improve your relationship with it.”⠀

Sarah on money mindset

“Stop glorifying being broke. Be aware of the negative narrative we hear in the media and try to keep to a positive dialogue.” ⠀

Emma on you and money

“You are the sum of the 5 closest people to you, so bear that in mind when you consider your relationship with money. Also, it’s important to understand compound interest. If you can value this method of saving and investing you’ll be set for life!”⠀


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A big thank you to our panelists Sarah, Ellie, Prerna and Emma. 

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About the author – Lara Sheldrake


Lara Sheldrake is a Social Media Strategist and Founder at Found & Flourish. Lara writes and speaks on the topics of entrepreneurship, motherhood and social media for business. She also hosts the Bossing It podcast, aimed at empowering the next generation of female founders in the UK. Send Lara an email. You can also find her on Instagram @Lara_Sheldrake or Twitter @Lara_Sheldrake.

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