Hugs and brunch

I can not tell you how amazing it’s been to feel so supported during this time. These Hugs & Brunch meet-ups are the highlight of my week.

Yevgeniya Davarashvili

Business Owner, One6Creative

It can be a big decision choosing a membership and I was so nervous joining F&F. I shouldn’t have been! Their masterclasses are always informative, practical and enjoyable. I love the open, honest and non-judgmental FB group and more importantly they have given me an avenue to test, develop and grow my business. I’ve met so many amazing women through this membership I have not only grown my business but I have also developed personally. 
Egbe Manton

Legal expert & Business Owner

I’ve been a member of Found and Flourish for the past 6 weeks and without this membership group during this incredibly tough time, I genuinely don’t know what I would have done! Lara and the other members have provided much needed support, picked me up when motivation has been on the floor and all done in the most genuine way. The F&F community is absolutely phenomenal – such an inspirational group of women and I’m proud to be a part of it. The workshops have been invaluable during this time and given me a lot of focus and encouraged me to look at different areas of my business. Lara is so supportive and I know if I need anything at all, she will do her utmost to help.
Sarah Kallipetis

Business Owner, Talent Storm Recruitment

Found & Flourish is constantly feeding my entrepreneurial mindset with new and relevant content, facilitating crucial business contacts as well as providing that all-important “fan club” every new entrepreneur needs. I don’t know how Lara finds the time to give us all such great levels of personalised support, but I feel as if she is my own private business coach.

Carlotte Hamilton

Business owner, The Betterness Manifesto

We are a lucky tribe, Lara is always going above and beyond to delight and lighten the load so that side-hustling solopreneurs like me can focus in our zones of genius with the time we have and feel fully supported in our goals. Lara is creative, genuine and an expert on all things community.

Jaz Broughton

Side hustler & coach

Lara has built something truly inspiring. Her vision and her ability & dedication to deliver against this, both strategically & tirelessly is brilliant. Whether with a growing side hustle, a brand new idea, or a fully fledged business – the support from the Found & Flourish community is exactly what you need to build your success.

Taryn Gelder

Business Owner, The Brand Collective

Now more than ever community is so important and this membership is worth every penny.

Hiral Jethwa

Business Owner

Lara has built such a supportive and valuable community. With amazing resources, great opportunities for collaboration and an ever-sympathetic ear, I really cherish this membership. I’ve forged new friendships, some of the members have even become clients and I have more new business than I know what to do with!
Sam Brown

Copywriter, Made Simple By Sam

Lara has created something truly unique with the Found & Flourish community and I am delighted I made the decision to become a member. Although I work with a co-founder, stepping away from the comfort blanket of corporate life after 20 years was tough but the support, friendship and practical help I’ve received through the F&F community has been amazing. Lara has a generous spirit and a genuine desire to help other women succeed: through her creativity and drive, the community delivers masterclasses, provides inspiration, creates fantastic connections, encourages accountability, and above all, cheers others on. I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Lara and getting to know the Found & Flourish community! 

Carolyn Cresswell

Business Owner, The Hustle House

This membership is great Lara! Loving the platform and the zoom workshops have been fab. Love the idea of virtual Hugs & Brunch!

Laura Lane

Business Owner, My Icon Story

Your membership is slick as and totally epic. Very cool and valuable of course!

Amy & Emma

Marketing agency, Quick Fox Labs

Wow! Your membership is amazing, the platform is so beautiful and there’s so much great stuff in there! I can’t wait to get stuck in!

Phoebe Dodds

Business Owner, Buro155


✨You’re looking for a mentor
✨You need some accountability 
✨You’re looking to expand your network 
✨You crave connection and a sense of belonging 
✨You run a business and you find entrepreneurship lonely
✨You have a business idea but you have no idea how to get it off the ground
✨You’re considering fundraising, but which route is right for you?
✨You’re a side-hustler and you wish there was a group you could turn to for support
✨You love the highs but the lows are unbearable and you want to know you’re not alone
✨You’re a freelancer and know you could be enjoying the freelance life more
✨You want to educate yourself but you’re not sure which platforms to trust 
✨You’re looking for a group of women who could become your friends for life

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