Meet Emma Louise Elliott, business manager for conscious creatives

by | Sep 26, 2018 | Founder Features

In this interview series, our aim is to feature incredible business women who are company founders. Our goal is to share experiences and insights so we can all learn from each other, and be inspired to take action toward building the businesses of our dreams.

Hello Emma —

We’re so thrilled that you’re taking part, thank you!

Firstly, tell us a bit about you.

Hi I’m Emma, an online business manager for conscious creatives, heart led entrepreneurs and badass boss babes. I live in the Midlands with my family and our pug called Annie. In my spare time I love to run and recently ran my first ever 10k! I also adore reading and can often be found with my head in a good book.

And tell us about your business.

One of the many reasons I love my job is the variety of work I do, no two days are the same. Supporting my clients is my number one priority and by taking care of the day to day tasks and running of their business they are then free to focus on what is important to them- the creating.

My role often includes helping with product/course launches, general admin, customer service and more. If you have a team I can also create systems and optimise your business so it flows with more ease.

I also know first hand that launching an online business can be a minefield which is why I also offer coaching to others on the first step of their adventure.

What inspired you to start your business?

After stepping into a virtual assistant role through an amazing opportunity, and then developing my skill set, I quickly realised the one thing people wished they had more of was time to create. So, with this in mind I began to build my website and launched fully in Feb 2017. I offer support to heart led entrepreneurs and creatives who just don’t have the time to handle all of the aspects of their business by themselves anymore.

How has the founder experience been for you?

Two words- A rollercoaster! It has been the most exhilarating time of my life and also one of the scariest too. But I would not change a single moment of it all.

What have you found the most challenging?

Truthfully, realising my own worth and battling with the dreaded “imposter syndrome” and also in the beginning juggling my time around my family and creating my business.

What has been your best investment?

Investing in my own learning and taking courses/ having a coach to sound off to has been one of the key things that’s helped me to grow.

Also building a support network of close friends who also work in the online world and fully understand the ups and downs that owning your own business can bring. On a more personal level- investing in exercise and making sure I am taking care of myself mentally and emotionally is a massive help.

Have you made any mistakes or faux pas? If so, can you share with us?

Oh my goodness yes! I don’t think we would be human if we didn’t make mistakes.

My best advice would be- always trust your gut/intuition over your brain, it really does know the answer even if it’s not what you want to hear and your ego is screaming the opposite at you.

The biggest mistake I’ve made along the way…down playing my talents and letting this be reflected in my pricing structure. If you’re good at something, that deserves to be acknowledged don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Also don’t try to do all the things at once- prioritising is the key and will keep you sane.

Have you had any role models or mentors along the way?

On a wider level people like Denise Duffield Thomas, Danielle La Porte and Gary Vee are amazing and I love to follow them over on instagram.

Personally there are so many but I would have to say, Lucy Sheridan ( The Comparison Coach), Mel Wells and Gail Love Schock. These three constantly inspire me on a daily basis.

What’s been your greatest lesson you’ve learnt since starting your own business?

I think that can be summed up in one of my favourite quotes, “ You are only busy with what you say yes to.” Take your time and don’t rush anything. If you feel the fear ( you will! ) acknowledge it thank it for it’s presence then just keep going. Because I guarantee in a year from now you’ll look back and be amazed how far you’ve come.

What does success mean to you?

Creating life on my terms and having the freedom to travel and work from anywhere if I so choose, whilst providing stability and security for the family too.

What books or podcasts would you recommend?

  • Adulting with Ebonie – Podcast
  • CTRL, ALT,  DELETE – Podcast
  • Hungry For More – Mel Wells
  • She Means Business – Carrie Green
  • The Multi-Hyphen Method – Emma Gannon

What advice would you give anyone about to start a business?

Make sure you can support yourself in the beginning even if that means keeping a side job for a while.

Things don’t have to be perfect from the outset all you need to do is start, don’t concern yourself with branding and a swanky website when you’re just starting out.That can come in time.

Finally….Just start!  Jump in with both feet and begin.

As Dory says “Just keep swimming” that’s all you have to do. The rest will unfold as it’s meant to.

Finally, how can readers get in touch with you?



Facebook Page:

Thank you!

— Lara & Frankie

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