This interview series features inspiring female entrepreneurs who have launched and run successful businesses. Through our peers’ experiences, we can learn practical lessons and insights to empower us on our entrepreneurial paths. Crucially, storytelling de-risks entrepreneurship so we believe it is an essential pillar in closing the opportunity gap for female founders.

Firstly, tell us a bit about you?

My name is Kiran Singh and I am a Single Mum, Lifestyle Coach & Master NLP PractitionerPodcast HostAuthor, an Interior Designer and the Founder and Editor of Design the Lifestyle YOU Desire and My Unique Home. I was born and raised in Norway but the UK has been my home since 2008. I’ve had a wide and varied career and I’ve always been passionate about helping women envision, create and design the beautiful life they truly desire, to show them how they can start to live their life more fully and most importantly; step into the woman they want to be.

My life hasn’t always been easy, I’ve escaped an arranged marriage, brought up my daughter single-handedly, had to deal with the loss of my mother from ovarian cancer, been in debt and had to deal with other obstacles which could have broken me – but the important thing is, it didn’t.

My strength, tenacity and sheer determination to build a better life for me and my daughter have led me to where I am now. And given me, the experience and dedication to helping other women who may not be in the best place right now, turn things around and start to live a life that they love and that loves them right back.

Throughout my life and my career, I have constantly examined myself, reinvented myself, and built myself into a woman I am incredibly proud of today – and it is truly an ongoing process. My knowledge, experience and life lessons over time, the obstacles and life challenges I’ve naturally encountered and mastered, are the gifts that I share as an older, wiser and more humble (if I can say so myself) Coach. I’ve transformed my life and gone from feeling overwhelmed, cluttered and confused about living to a curated life filled with purpose and joy.


Tell us about your business, how did you come up with the idea?

I’ve had many businesses over the years, but the ones that stayed are My Unique Home (Home & Garden Blog), Design the Lifestyle YOU Desire (Lifestyle Blog) and last, but not least; my personal brand and my Lifestyle Coaching Practice (


What was the moment that everything changed for you? 

When I first started my businesses, it was mainly because of money so I could provide for my daughter, with time, the passion started playing a bigger role, and then… It all changed for me when I decided to become a life coach, which changed the way I saw myself, my life and my business.

As mention in pervious question, as I couldn’t afford to become a certified life coach in the beginning, I read books, listened to podcasts, attended seminars, workshops and webinars – this along with my life experience and my story, got me started as a life coach, a year or so after, when I had the money, I did the training and became a certified life coach. With time, I continued my professional development and got Diploma in Mindfulness, Self-Confidence, Life Purpose Coach, Master NLP Practitioner and more – this is, of course, ongoing.


What were the initial challenges you came up against and how did you overcome them?

It was mainly financial challenges during the first couple of years, but instead of giving up, I looked for the next best option. For example, before I finally could afford to enrol onto B-School, the next best thing I could was to watch every episode of Marie TV, read her blogs and listen to her podcast, that gave me enough knowledge to grow my business – I am a big believer in using whatever you have available to the fullest at any time. This allowed me to save up money so I could join B-School a year or two later.


What was the first win that made you feel you were onto something? 

At that time (as in the first 2-3 years), it was all the awards, the nominations, the press coverage etc. I received, but when I look back at it now, it was all about external validation. I didn’t believe in myself enough, so I looked to be validated by others. To be accepted by others and that I was worthy, even though, deep down, a part of me knew I was (and am) good at what I do and I didn’t need anyone else to tell me that. This changed when I was doing my Coaching qualification – as a coach, you are your first client, so I had to coach myself and deal with every limiting belief, doubt, thoughts etc.

Did you take the investment route for your business or are you self-funded? Can you share some insights on your decision and the process?

Everything is self-funded; I didn’t want to start my business by going into debt. I am a self-taught entrepreneur, so everything I have done in the past (and still do), are skills I taught myself; from graphic design, website design, marketing, social media, accounting and so on.

What has been your best investment?

Truth to be told, it’s only the resent 2-3 years I have been able to justify investing in myself and my business, and the best investments has been; B-School with Marie Forleo, The World Summit with Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi and Influencer Business Program with Brendon Burchard.


Have you made any mistakes or faux pas? If so, can you share with us?

Mistakes have been many, but that’s the way I learnt everything. I realised with time, that by launching multiple ideas and projects at the same time, I never actually manage to follow-through 100% as I wasn’t 100% present. I was always running from one project to another to the third etc., without actually be fully present. I did things because I knew ‘how to’, but the passion wasn’t always there.

Now, I am passionate about 3 things and that is what my businesses are about;

  1. Personal Growth
  2. Lifestyle Design & Intentional Living
  3. Home & Interiors


What’s been the greatest lesson you’ve learnt since starting your own business?

Whatever idea you have, go for it – launch and learn! That’s the only way you’ll figure out if it will work or not. I’ve launched and closed down multiple blogs and projects over the years, in the process of launching and learning, I gained skills I never would have had unless I  tried to bring my ideas to life – and those skills benefits my business tremendously now.

Have you had any role models or mentors along the way?

No mentors, but I have role models like Marie Forleo, Brendon Burchard, Tony Robbins, Danielle LaPorte which inspired me to keep going.

With the future in mind, where would you like to be/where do you see yourself in the next five years?

The season of life where I am in right now, I want a life with time to live. And I want to inspire and empower others to do the same.

In the next 5 years, I am living in my small cottage surrounded by a river / lake and green nature, I grow my own foods, I live fully in every moment, I got a thriving online Lifestyle Design Business and a Lifestyle Coaching Practice. I am debt-free and live a slow, simple and intentional life in-sync with the season.

This is the thought behind my vision:

I lost my Mum to cancer back in 2007. She worked hard all her life and was looking forward to her retirement so she could start living her life, sadly, she never made it through to those retirement years, and so she never lived. What her death taught me was to live my life now, every day, not waiting for retirement, or 5-10 years from now – life is now, and that’s all I have. Tomorrow isn’t promised, neither is the next breath. So I live my best life with the best of my ability with all that I am and have – right now.

What’s your biggest learning from 2020 so far?

Biggest lesson; EXPAND your comfort zone, not getting in and out of your comfort zone, but expanding it + spend time daily on your  personal and business growth. As I am my brand,

What can our community do to support your business?

Help me share my message so I can reach and server more people.


What books, podcasts or resources would you recommend? 

There are so many resources out there, and what worked me, might not work for you. It comes down to your ‘why’, your vision, your goals etc. For me, right now, it’s about focusing on feminine energy rather than masculine. I run my entire life on masculine energy and getting things done, now I want to slow down, reconnect with myself, feel grounded etc.

Some favourites, however, are:


What advice would you give anyone about to start a business?

You can do anything you put your mind into; just make sure you get out of your own way.

Again, there are endless of resources out there, before you dive in, make sure you are clear on your ‘WHY’, otherwise you’ll just get overwhelmed which may lead to procrastination and then no taking action.

Where can we find you?

Website | Instagram 

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