MEET LEAH👇 aka the planner and organiser.

Leah is a virtual assistant who operates BTS, she’s a highly organised individual who keeps our organised chaos under control and kicks my ass when things need doing that aren’t yet done. ⁣

“Hi my name is Leah and I’m the operations assistant at F&F.⁣

I absolutely adore working with Found & Flourish, as I find working in a female environment super inspiring and empowering. Women can do such amazing things when they stick together and I feel that Found & Flourish have created a wonderful community of women, who have such incredible stories to share. 👸🏻⁣

My top tip for operations would be to always carry a to-do list and invest in a business tool. Personally, I love the report app Toggl, as this times all of your tasks and projects therefore, you know how much time you are spending X, Y and Z on! We juggle so many things in life (personal and work), that just by having a simple tool, helps me feel like an organised, independent ‘boss’! “

You can find me at or 💌⁣

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