MEET TOREY👇 aka the brains behind our editorial schedule, PR & comms.

Torey has PR and magazine industry experience, alongside writing and running two small start-up businesses – a vintage and second-hand online store and media platform called Tastemakers that helps young Irish professionals navigate their careers in the fashion industry. ⁣

“Hi, my name is Torey, I’m the PR & comms Assistant here at F&F and I love it as I’m all about women supporting women!⁣

My top tip would be to focus on your ‘why’ and make sure your content benefits your audience whilst providing a solution or interesting angle.⁣

Something Lara didn’t know until she asked me to write this post is that I literally jumped for joy when I secured my job with F&F. Having just graduated from university and terribly worried about my future in uncertain times, it was a big win for me. ⁣

You can find me at @toreycassidy for mostly fashion-related content and for all things biz

And remember to make things easier for yourself, smart work should always come before hard work.”
⁣⁣⁣ ⁣

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