MoneyTalk with Vestpod

by | Sep 5, 2018 | Money & Finance

Tackling the money taboo

Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of talking with Emilie and Christina at Vestpod about start-ups and money ⚡️💸.

Vestpod breaks barriers and makes finance more inclusive. Financial independence gives women the freedom to live their lives on their own terms and boosts their confidence, which in turns helps their families and future generations.

Vestpod’s founder Emilie has set a target to empower 1 million women financially – you go gal!

Answering the interview questions made me think long and hard about my relationship with money, and in turn what women’s general relationship with money looks like. I’m so glad organisations like Vestpod exist, so we can all become better informed and make excellent decisions – let’s make money our friend and break the taboo!

In the interview I share the best and worst financial decisions I’ve made, my recommendeded books about money and some advice for younger women.

You can check out the interview here –  

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