“The mass of a particle and it’s velocity… it has both magnitude and direction”. 


This is the definition of momentum and why I am so obsessed with it, it is beyond progress it is beyond running head-first into things. Momentum implies an implicit greatness and level of focus that is necessary in business. If you don’t believe me that’s fine as I will now tell you why you should in my own nerdy-wordy-way.

Magnitude “The great size or extent of something” 


Direction  “A general way in which someone or something is developing… a course along which someone or something moves”

= Momentum

Big & Small

Not in the way we think, stepping beyond the online footprint, mailing list length and other metrics we can obsess over the actual size of our business matters. With the rise of the Zebra and lifestyle businesses many of us are realising we can play big and remain small in all the best ways. A big revenue, a small fixed asset cost, a big online presence, a small team of freelancers and interns, big dream and a smaller yet effective solo-founder have become our recipes for success. The face of magnitude has changed and we are it. 

Are there any things in your business that should be small but are big and vice versa? What can you do to change that?

Impact over everything

It’s no secret that many of us measure our success and business by the number of lives or business we touch; this is our extent, our impact.

And being driven by this kind of impact can sometimes be a lonely place but with consumer needs changing to become more conscious people want to work with other people. People who are passionate about a cause and affecting change, people who see their business as a catalyst for a new World and a form of activism.

How are you measuring your impact? Is this number of clients, podcast listeners, number of conversations, testimonials?

Mission & Legacy

These are so strongly interwoven that we don’t even realise it. I’ve always had a ‘bio’, and ‘about me’ but now I’m realising it is important to have a mission as a declaration of my business’ direction. This is not something overly complicated or wordy but something simple that clarifies the legacy I wish to leave as a founder but as an organisation. 

Fellow F&F member Lucy Werner shared a great idea on Instagram to look at the UN sustainable goals as a great source of inspiration but to select one or two to weave into your company’s mission statement. After all, a collection of voices makes harmony.

What will your legacy look like? What is the mission that will create it?

Finding your work

Your business’ direction should be fuelled by you. You should have a great sense of awareness of your why, your capabilities and your zone of genius especially. If you feel lost as a founder it is easy for your business to feel that way also. In order to give somebody directions you have to know where they are going. That’s why so much emphasis is placed on clarity because if you are unclear, the average website visitor doesn’t have a chance!

What is your unique proposition?


Once you have clarity you have to focus on it. Prioritise it in word and in action. Set aggressive boundaries around your time and energy and be ruthless in identifying, acknowledging and resolving the blockers that will arise. It is impossible to run at full speed in 3 different directions and so it is the same with your business. I personally suffer with wanting to do all-the-things and have learned the hard way that I can, just not all at once.

What are you focusing on right now and how is that showing up in your days and weeks?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, feelings and experiences  around momentum; especially if you find yourself just as obsessed as I am! Connect with me on Instagram (DM me and say hi as I love to chat)  and sign up to my newsletter and join the Momentum challenge; 5 days of pure momentum magic wrapped in practical coaching exercises to get things going in your life, career or business!

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