Our Top 5 Podcast Episodes This Month – October 2018

by | Oct 15, 2018 | Digital Marketing

Podcasts. They’re finally having their well-deserved moment. Listening in on intimate conversations between brilliant people whilst walking the dog, commuting or queuing for the post office. What’s not to love?

So here is our round up of the top podcasts episodes we’ve listened to this month, covering careers, business, culture, comedy and all-round inspiration from incredible people.


1. Ctrl Alt Delete with Emma Gannon – #152 Amy Thomson: Why It’s Okay To Be Moody

In this episode of Emma Gannon’s ‘Ctrl Alt Delete’, Amy Thomson shares her experience of running a successful global marketing agency SEEN, and later making the decision to leave and start an entirely new venture – Moody Month App.

Amy shares her experience of educating herself about startup funding for apps and her somewhat unconventional tale in finding her lead investor for Moody after almost giving up from exhaustion. Amy – we get it! As is often said in the startup world, those defining moments usually happen just as you’re ready to give up.

Amy is also co-founder of a business school for future female leaders called Future Girl Corp alongside Sharmadean Reid – an absolutely incredible twosome!

Listen here on Acast or search your favourite podcast app.

2. Deliciously Ella ‘Building Resilience with Holly Tucker, MBE, Founder of Notonthehighstreet.com’

In this episode of ‘Deliciously Ella’, Holly Tucker talks very openly about her experience of setting up notonthehighstreet.com, a brand that we all know and love for their individual gifts. But building such a great online store was not an easy journey, and one that Holly talks openly about in this episode, stating: “the reality is that overnight successes do not exist”.

Nicknamed “Holly Hurricane”, Holly shares her experience of gender-biased fundraising, finding the confidence to do things that stretch you and refreshingly, the importance of building a business that is inside your comfort zone.

This is an amazing episode, jam-packed with anecdotes, advice and inspiration.

Listen here on Acast or search your favourite podcast app.

3. How To Fail with Elizabeth Day: Gina Miller

In this episode of ‘How To Fail’, Elizabeth Day talks to Gina Miller, the political activist best known for successfully taking the government to court over the triggering of Article 50 to leave the European Union.

Gina talks about the importance of failure on the path to success, and how the pressure on women to “have it all” generates a chronic fear of failure which we need to confront.

“Failure teaches you so much about yourself. In life, we’re all going to fail and you just have to get used to it, you have to have a strategy ready for how you’re going to deal with failure.”

Listen here on Acast or search your favourite podcast app.

4. Natwest Women In Business: Networking, Travel and Martha Lane Fox

This episode of ‘Natwest Women in Business’ features Carolyn Pearson, founder of Maiden Voyage – a female-friendly travel organisation that helps ensure safe travel and connect women whilst they’re on the road.

Carolyn is joined by serial entrepreneur Martha Lane Fox who co-founded LastMinute.com, and they talk openly about ‘the fear of selling’, growing an online community and the challenge of growing a business internationally.

Listen here on Acast or search your favourite podcast app.

5. The Guilty Feminist: ‘Taking Control of the Narrative’

In this episode of ‘The Guilty Feminist’, comedian Deborah Frances-White and co-host Susan Wokoma are joined by special guests Ella Hickson, Samuel West and Lara Rossi.

This hilarious episode includes Deborah’s sketch about how refugees are better for the economy than children and explores how we can take control of the narrative we exist in and become the author of our own story.

Listen here on Acast or search your favourite podcast app.

Happy listening!

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