6 books to read this summer

6 books to read this summer

There’s nothing like spending a warm summer weekend reading a good book. Many of us are planning a digital detox over the coming months—a combination of increasingly stressful algorithms and screen time that went through the roof during the pandemic means that we’re craving time away from our phones and laptops.


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We create a culture of collaboration over competition and we believe this is our biggest asset, the women within our community and the environment in which we foster such incredible working relationships have led to investors, partnerships, collaborations and co-founders connecting within the Found & Flourish community.

F&F 2.0 coming soon!

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We create a culture of collaboration over competition and we believe this is our biggest asset, the women within our community and the environment in which we foster such incredible working relationships have led to investors, partnerships, collaborations and co-founders connecting within the Found & Flourish community.

F&F 2.0 coming soon!


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Found and Flourish has been such a wonderful experience. Before joining I was really in need of a great community of women who were willing to offer support, I can happily say I found it here!
The women I’ve I had the pleasure of speaking with have been so supportive and always offer me praise. One of the things I love about Found and Flourish is the extensive amount of resource, I have really found it helpful when structuring my business. Thank you to the Found and Flourish family for welcoming and connecting me with such wonderful women. I can’t wait for you all to see what comes next!
Sarah Mensah

Founder & Entrepreneur

Being a member of Found & Flourish has been a game changer to both my life and my business. Not only is the founder, Lara Sheldrake just amazing but the women I have met are so supportive. I’ve found mentors, picked up clients and have made friends for life. If you’re not a member yet, why not?
Egbe Manton

Founder & Business Owner

I joined Found & Flourish because I found business really lonely but I never thought I’d actually find clients within the community too. This has been an absolute game changer to my business!
Sophie Hebdidge

Founder & Entrepreneur

Found & Flourish has supported me in so many ways, from meeting fellow members to advice on how to grow my business. I’m so pleased I joined this brilliant community. Whether you’re starting up a side-hustle or you’re running a full time business I couldn’t reccommend this membership enough!

Melanie Schatynski

Entrepreneur & Developer

Found & Flourish is the business family you always wish you could have – and now you can! Often in business it can feel isolating or lonely with hoards of faceless business groups promising support. But Lara is a genuine caring leader of FF and the real deal. She doesn’t market herself as your best friend but the kindness, generosity and support  of the company she has built will feel like a business filtered version of that. FF has kept me going during my own personal tumultuous year. And connected me with some fabulous women.

Lucy Werner

Founder & Director

We are a lucky tribe, Lara is always going above and beyond to delight and lighten the load so that side-hustling solopreneurs like me can focus in our zones of genius with the time we have and feel fully supported in our goals. Lara is creative, genuine and an expert on all things community.

Jaz Broughton

Careers Coach & Entrepreneur

When I went to my first F&F brunch I had decided it was time to reach out and grow my network. I didn’t really know what to expect but connected with the most amazing amazing women. I’ve since learned about brand partnerships and PR which has been a total game changer for my business. I’m constantly finding inspiration in their network of awesome business women.

Rosey Davidson

Sleep expert & Influencer

Let’s face it, working for yourself can feel isolating and dark at times. Lara’s warm energy and intelligence infuses her events with friendships and great conversations when you need them most, she’s the ultimate host!

Ruth Hoskins

Marketing expert & Founder

Finally a community that feels like ME
The Found and Flourish community is everything you hoped “networking” would be with zero pretension and zero cringe. Just chock full of kind and supportive women who all want to help each other and have a ruddy good time doing it. The Masterclasses and workshops are informative yet relaxed, with expert panellists that bring so much useful information and energy to a range of topics from PR to investing and everything in between. Lara is one of the most generous and warm women I’ve ever met, and her attention to detail and kind nature ensures every single member of her community feels instantly at home. I’ve been to a lot of networking events but none have made me feel as welcome as the Found and Flourish crew do!
Sara Dalrymple

Sales expert & Director

You will be so full of oxytocin when you leave an F&F event you won’t know which way the station is.
Sam Jones

Freelance copywriter