Bossing It! A podcast for women in business,  featured by Apple podcasts in their ‘Inspiring Women’ and ‘New and Noteworthy’ collections.

love notes

Great listening to two women reflecting on their experiences of ‘going it alone’. Openly sharing the fears, uncertainties and insecurities which can often plague us when we strike out on new ventures. Go girls.


I really enjoyed listening to the Flourish and Found podcast, they talk real honest womanhood talk which is refreshing and such a great listen 💜


Listened to this during a long drive on the motorway, and despite not being self employed, and not ever likely to be, other than as a consultant, I found this really informative, honest and helpful. Sparked many thoughts for those of us still in the corporate world, a great recommended reading list! The only suggestion I would make is for this list to also be tweeted, as I can’t take notes when driving, which is when I listen to most of my podcasts. Definitely on my subscribe list!


Thank you for hosting Bossing It –  both of you share precious advice, tips and moments of consolation for all of us who are trying to ‘boss it’ out there. I also find both your voices quite soothing and easy to listen to. There are many female founders/side hustle/you do you type podcasts out there produced in the US, but I think you two balance better realistic situations and advice to a (probably) more cynical British audience!