Get ready to flourish. How to pivot your business to grow | ONLINE | 10th July


You’ve founded a business and you’re ready to flourish, now what?

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Want to grow your business and not sure how to make it flourish? Liz Ward, Professional Pivot Coach and Founder of Slick Pivot introduces the principles of building a business that can grow and flourish without you or your business falling over.

It’s easy to start a business but as the business grows and customers start flowing in you can reach a capacity problem, resulting in founder overwhelm and lower customer satisfaction.

This workshop will help you to understand the seven elements required to build a business that can 10x or 100x the number of customers without increasing expenses and splitting at the seams. You will leave feeling empowered and ready to flourish!

Is this workshop for me?

This interactive workshop is for you if you:

  • Are a service based founder
  • Have a proven proposition you know has traction with customers already
  • Have ambitious goals to increase revenue and impact now and in the future
  • The idea of growth makes you feel stressed
  • You have (or know you could have) a limit on the number of people you can serve
  • Wish you had more time
  • Wish you knew where to focus

Liz will cover:

As part of the workshop you will learn:

  • The 7 principles essential to pivot to growth in your business
  • The common mistakes founders make when trying to grow
  • The importance of your business model
  • How to think BIG and act BOLD
  • Where to direct YOUR focus to unlock your business potential

Workshop goals:

Following the workshop you will take away:

  • A clear vision of what flourishing means to your business
  • An exercise to understand your bottlenecks
  • A plan of action to start to implement
  • Empowered to take your next steps to grow and flourish

Workshop timings:

Workshop: 12.30pm to 2pm

Q&A: 2.30pm

Because running a business is tough business. We're right here with you.

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About your trainer

Liz Ward

Liz Ward is the Founder of Slick Pivot, a boutique coaching business for high energy, high achievers at a pivot point in their business. Liz works with a portfolio of international clients from side-hustlers in the 9-5 world to entrepreneurs, founders and small business owners, supporting them to pivot to more growth and happiness. She has been the coach working behind the scenes with Google employees and founders of growing startups including Taylor Morris Eyewear and The Marshmallowist.

She hosts the top 5 podcast, The Slick Pivot Sessions and is a regular speaker amongst the entrepreneurial community, speaking for Soho House, Allbright and Marriott Hotels.

Liz pivoted her own career in 2014 when she left her “brilliant on-paper” corporate role to enter start-up land where she pivoted a dating app and a TV streaming business. Her career history includes rebranding the Millennium Dome to become The O2 and leading global marketing campaigns for the London 2012 Olympics and Grey Goose Vodka.

She has a degree in Marketing Management, is a certified life coach, business coach and NLP practitioner. She trains new coaches at The MOE Foundation. Liz is obsessed with neuroscience and believes our brains are the secret to unlocking our business success.

She lives in Hertfordshire with her husband and two children.

About your host

Lara Sheldrake

Lara is the Founder of Found & Flourish, a female led organisation empowering women in business through community, services and events. With a background in advertising and social media strategy, Lara has over ten years experience working with early stage startups to household brands.

Lara hopes by putting on events such as this one she can support other women in business to launch, grow and scale impactful businesses.