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Found and Flourish presents How to automate like a boss so you can flourish in business with Growth Strategist and Director of Unikable, Nancy Evbuomwan.

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Could your business handle a significant increase in customers? If you answered no, this workshop is for you!

As a Growth Strategist to businesses both large and small, Nancy has a wealth of experience when it comes to scaling. Through this workshop, Nancy will share her knowledge and expertise, helping female founders and freelancers to flourish.

Nancy will help women to increase the certainty of their business by unlocking their capacity to handle more customers, without working day and night to achieve this!

Is this workshop for me?

If you are at a stage where your business physically can’t handle more clients or taking on more clients means more sleepless nights, this workshop is for you.

Nancy will uncover all her secrets and hacks to help you successfully flourish!

Nancy will cover:

  • Unikable 3 pillars to Scale who you Serve
  • Principles of process automation
  • Where to automate first
  • 7 steps to automate your customer on-boarding

Workshop goals:

By the end of this workshop, you will know all there is to know about how to scale your business, on-boarding more clients better and faster!

You will take away a list of actions that you can plug and play to automate your customer on-boarding, flourishing your business!

Workshop timings:

2PM to 4PM

  • Unikable 3 pillars to Scale who you Serve - 15min
  • Principles of process automation - 10min
  • Where to automate first - 20min
  • 7 steps to automate your customer onboarding - 30min
  • QA - 15min

Because running a business is tough business. We're right here with you.

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About your trainer

Nancy Evbuomwan

Nancy Evbuomwan is the director of Unikable a Strategy Agency and that enable business owners to grow their business by turning their unique vision into a reality without working day and night.

About your host

Lara Sheldrake

Lara is the Founder of Found & Flourish, a female led organisation empowering women in business through community, services and events. With a background in advertising and social media strategy, Lara has over ten years experience working with early stage startups to household brands.

Lara hopes by putting on events such as this one she can support other women in business to launch, grow and scale impactful businesses.