Save 10% off Karen Webber’s 6-week course, Blog Like You Mean It! 

What you’ll learn

Blog Like You Mean It is a live learning experience, which is a bit of a pompous way to say you will learn with others through live workshops and a Facebook group where Karen will be present every day to answer questions and encourage you along your way.

Blog Like You Mean It is built around four key learning areas:

1. Strategic foundations of creating marketing content, including knowing your audience and developing your content pillars.

2. Content ideation: coming up with ideas for content and repurposing content for different channels.

3. How to write for humans, search engines and to have fun while doing it.

4. Content planning using a calendar and making time for tracking performance.

Blog Like You Mean It is for you if you:

  • Have given up on blogging because you felt it’s just too much effort for not enough reward.

  • Want to blog, but struggle to find the time to do it consistently.

  • Don’t know which topics to write about.

  • Need your website to perform well in search results pages.



After 15 years in mainstream marketing, I wanted to break free and do the kind of marketing I believed in. Marketing that is a good thing for the people on the receiving end of it, the creators, society and the planet.

It was time to use my marketing powers for good, and for me that meant helping businesses, organisations and individuals who make the world a better place do ethical, effective marketing.

I work with people who are about more than making money. The ones who do business with heart and passion. Who have a social conscience, take good care of their staff and supply chains, support local communities and consider the environment. The ones who feel uneasy with manipulative and untruthful sales techniques (I call these lies).” – Karen Webber


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