The final in a series of three guest posts from Lucy Werner founder of The Wern, this week we are looking at top tips to self-promote.

I get that for many people shouting about what you are doing for your work can be excruciating, but consumers engage with the people behind brands because it helps them to understand how that brand fits with their own identity. If you are feeling camera shy or not sure where to start, I’ve outlined just three tactics to kickstart learning how to hype yourself:

1.     Tell us a bit about yourself 

There is a reason that Cilla Black asked her guests to tell us a bit about who they were before they’d even started pitching for a Blind Date. It immediately set the scene for a connection. 

When you think of successful entrepreneurs, we all know something personal about them, such as Richard Branson likes flying hot air balloons. So don’t just use your business narrative to pitch to journalists, think about what sets you apart. If you were to be featured in a Real-Life article what is it that makes you individually interesting? 

So take me as an example, outside giving publicity advice or talking about my own business, I have been featured in the media talking about shared parental leave, family-friendly travel and homeopathy. All of these give me an opportunity to share a bit about my personality, the articles tend to link to my company and it just helps to raise both my profile and SEO.

2.     Celebrate the highs and the lows

It’s a given that we learn the most from our failings. Sharing these doesn’t make you seem weak or stupid, it humanises you. In fact, the most engaged posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram are the ones where people are sharing the difficult times. So yes, absolutely share your business highs but don’t put too much of a positivity gloss and include a bit of both. 

Think about what business challenges you have overcome and the lessons that other people could learn from. Giving back to the entrepreneur community in this way isn’t just helpful, it’s good practice. It can make you feel very naked but trust me when I say that this can really create strong connections.

3.     Make the time to network

Go on your own to an event, pitch to host an event, speak to other panellists at events. This isn’t just for those that directly relate to your industry, there are hundreds of networking events across the country which are a fabulous way to make new connections. I love DIFTK, Mothers Meetings, FSB and obvs Found & Flourish to make new connections outside my immediate network.

Pitching to be on panels, host workshops or give guest talks is a great way to show off your expertise and meet new people. It’s all about your contact’s contacts.

I’ve been guilty of being a ‘ghost worker’ of hiding in the shadows and just getting my head down and only focusing on work, but it was only when I stepped out and started telling people what I hoped to achieve and my business goals that the opportunities started to come to me like my book deal, coaching and speaking on panels.

Final thought…

Whether you are a b2b service or a b2c product, there has never been a more important time to self-promote in such a cluttered and crowded market. We are seeing even larger companies shifting towards this trend, but entrepreneurs are lucky in that they have the agility and personality to easily become their own content creators. Be one of the first people to take advantage of this shifting trend. 

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About the Author

Lucy Werner is founder of The Wern, a communications consultancy for small businesses, entrepreneurs and independent brands.

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