I wanted to write a business book for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, because all the PR books that I had been reading were written by male journalists turned PRs when the whole industry is dominated by women. Secondly, women still aren’t touching the sides when it comes to writing business books versus men and lastly, I wanted to pivot from running an agency business to positioning myself as an expert and having more flexible working hours to fit around my children. The book has helped me to do that in some obvious ways but in some surprising ways also.

Higher education lecturing

Since the promotional trail of the book, I’ve secured paid for opportunities at Cass Business School, University of Arts London: Creative Accelerator, Oxford Brookes and YCN (You Can Network), This has not only been a new revenue stream for me but has also forced me to learn new skills. Many experts think you can convert your knowledge into teaching, but actually, there is definitely a formula of magic to it. 

New business leads for branding

Making sure the front cover sat with the overall branding of my business was key, but I underestimated the impact of the design of it in driving new business to Hadrien’s side of the business. We have had people buy the book just based off the cover (whatever they say people do judge you on it) and then they look at our work and want Hadrien to design for them. Also, without realising, I often mention Hadrien and his work whenever I’m in an interview or doing public speaking. Once people tick into me, they will delve a bit deeper and often enquire. I’ve started to become what Daniel Priestly calls the key person of influence for the company as a whole. 

Paid-for writing

Little known fact. When I was growing up, I aspired to be Lois Lane in the Terri Hatchett version of Superman. I begged my parents to make me a member of the Funday Times and The Press Pack. I wanted to be a journalist so badly. Then at school, my lack of skill in academic writing knocked the confidence out of me, and I thought I would be better at PR as whilst writing was a component there were other elements too. Getting paid to write has been a life-long dream, and the book completely gave me the confidence to pitch and be paid for writing for The Metro, UnderPinned and Mailchimp. 

New connections

When I went to pivot my business from agency owner to expert-led lifestyle boutique, I needed to attract a different audience. The easiest way of doing this is to obviously tap into other people’s networks, but this needs to be done authentically. People can see grabby business owners who just want to work with you to boost their own profile. The book was a great way for me to get on the radar of people who were bigger players than me, who in turn initiated conversations with me and invited me to speak on their podcasts, for their memberships, on their IG platforms etc. This, in turns, helps me reach my brand, products and services to a new audience. 

Work hard / live hard

Some of you may or may not know that I went through three family traumas during the writing and editing process of my book. I’ll spare you the details but what I didn’t expect was that my book taught me that I would rather earn less money and have more time. Time is a priceless commodity, and when the shit hits the fan, you don’t realise how much you need of it. Now, I’m in a more joyful position. I want to spend time marinating on the beautiful moments that two small people give you. I’ve got another 34 years on my mortgage; I can work harder later, but I can never get this time back. Thus said, loving your work and having a book to focus on saved me through some dark days. 

In summary, the book has opened so many doors to me – which I hoped it would – but it has surpassed my expectations. It’s been a new revenue driver, it’s exposed me to a new audience, it’s given me new opportunities but ultimately, having a writing project gave me focus when everything around me was traumatic. It was an outlet that saved me, and I’m so proud to have got it across the line. In fact, I loved it so much, I’ve just had my second book proposal approved and will be launching the follow-up next summer with my partner Hadrien. 

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Lucy Werner

Lucy Werner

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Lucy Werner is the founder of The Wern and author of best seller Hype Yourself! She founded The Wern in 2014 after becoming disillusioned by the traditional PR agency model
not supporting independent biz and founders. 

You can find out more about Lucy and her business here.

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