I advise everyone from aspiring entrepreneurs to established business owners and the number one question I am asked the most?

‘How do I get more customers?’

Whether you’re launching a startup, growing a side-hustle or scaling a company, customers will always be the lifeblood of your business, so you want to be strategic about how you secure and retain them. Having a water-tight customer acquisition strategy comprised of measurable marketing tactics will help you determine which one drives the biggest return on investment and ultimately boosts sales.

So how can you double your customers and improve that crucial bottom line? Read on for my tried and tested acquisition tips and start boosting your customer base in no time!


Create engaging content customers cannot ignore

You want to make sure you are intentional with content that is purposeful and valuable if you want to drive more conversions. If you are in the B2B sector, you’ll already be familiar with thought leadership content like downloadable white papers and reports that are ideal for driving leads. Similarly, if you operate in the B2C sector, persuasive content like fitness plans or video tutorials act as lead magnets to attract customers and encourage engagement with your products. Put this content behind a lead capture form like landing pages or pop-ups to collect email addresses and continue sending helpful content to move customers along the sales journey. Even better, if you have the functionality, you can monitor the number of emails collected and content downloaded to assess the performance of the lead capture form and any subsequent conversions.


Put your email marketing on autopilot

Email marketing remains one of the most popular customer acquisition tactics since you can get deep insights on the recipients’ behaviour. Automated email campaigns allow you to create an entire email series based on set behavioural triggers e.g. when a recipient opens an email or clicks a link. As well as high-converting on-boarding emails to welcome and retain new customers, you can also send a re-engagement series like basket abandonment emails to help capture inactive customers and encourage an otherwise forgotten purchase.


Promote your business to targeted audiences

All savvy business owners understand the importance of PR but often neglect link building as part of an acquisition strategy. Whilst a PR campaign can help you reach mass market audiences, link building is an innovative way of reaching targeted audiences who are more likely to convert into customers. Instead of sending press releases en-masse to journalists, you approach industry publications with a guest post showcasing your expertise and include that all important link back to your website. When your guest posts are published on a variety of industry publications, all linking to your website, you build brand awareness, boost your expertise and drive qualified referral traffic back to your business. What’s more, if you have Google Analytics set-up, you can track all the referral traffic from those industry publications whose audience profile is most aligned with your buyer persona.


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Double your customers in 60 days with Letitiah Obiri, founder of Polkadot Digital.

Found & Flourish presents Booked & Busy: Double your customers in 60 days with Letitiah Obiri, founder of Polkadot Digital.

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Letitiah Obiri

Letitiah Obiri

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Letitiah Obiri is founder of Polkadot Digital, an online marketing consultancy providing content services to startups and small businesses.

Letitiah has worked with some of the UK’s biggest brands including John Lewis, Tesco, Reuters and Virgin Trains.

As a qualified journalist, she has also been featured in The Guardian, The Telegraph and Business Zone writing frequently about ecommerce, small business and social media.


You can find out more about Letitiah and her business here.

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