Tips for juggling entrepreneurship and motherhood

by | Sep 27, 2018 | Wellbeing

Sometimes It can seem incredibly overwhelming when you are trying to set up (or run) a business, whilst also bringing up a child. How do you fit it in? Where do you even start? Juggling entrepreneurship and motherhood can be tough, in this blog I hope to cover how to be productive and run a business as a mother. Top tip, it’s knowing where you want to be at the end of each day.

So simplicity is key. Other than the obvious keeping a tiny human alive, the question is what do you need to get done today so that you feel you’ve progressed? Firstly it’s all about prioritising. It’s about being in control of the things you can change and then knowing when to let the rest go.

This picture is a fantastic reminder. What’s vital? Sleep, nutrition and how you speak to yourself. Nail these, and you’re on to a good start. Below are a couple of coping mechanisms I use when I feel like I’m drowning in tasks and not sure where to start. Hopefully you’ll find some of these helpful when trying to get the most out of your day.


Start your day off saying something nice to yourself.

“I am… wonderful/successful/talented/able”.

Whatever it is, make it a positive intention for the day. if you say it enough times, you’ll end up believing it.


If you want to wake up with a positive outlook on your day, feeling like you’re in control and knowing exactly what you want to achieve, avoid looking at your phone. That includes checking emails, news platforms and social media platforms. Try not to pick up your phone before you’ve set your intentions for the day. By avoiding all social media and technology first thing in the morning you increase you chances of setting your intentions for the day without any negative thoughts entering your mind. From FOMO to online comparison, there are so many ways looking that your phone first thing in the morning can have detrimental effects on your outlook for the day.

So, phone down, and focus on you, your priorities and desired outcome for the day ahead. What do you want to achieve today? What is it you need to do for you to feel good about yourself? (If you follow anyone who makes you feel shit about yourself, unfollow them. You won’t regret it!)


I need to listen to my own advice sometimes! This one is very important as self-care is not something that can be ignored. How can you expect to look after a little one, if you neglect the most basic of needs for yourself? (Let alone, then try complete work related tasks!) So, what are your non-negotiables? What are the things you want and need to do each morning that are non-negotiable to your daily routine?

  • Brush your teeth
  • Eat something
  • Have a shower*

*This may sound obvious but there have been days when I find it’s mid-day and I’m yet to change out of my PJ’s. “Enclothed cognition” is a thing! It refers to the systematic influence that clothes have on the your psychological processes. Be kind to yourself and remember to say nice things. Babies are unpredictable so having a set routine will be hard (or impossible at times!) so just make sure each morning you give yourself a little time where you focus on you. When the baby has their first nap, get your non-negotiables done so you can start your day off knowing you’re ready for whatever the day brings.


It sounds obvious, but so much time is wasted procrastinating over the details, the doubt sets in and the pressure mounts… before you know it, you’ve finally sat down to get on with it and the baby is awake or something else has come up and you’ve got nowhere. My advice is just start, once you’ve taken a step forward, you’ll be in the flow in no time!


  • Phone on flight mode
  • Radio/TV Off
  • Window shut (if you live on a noisy road)

No one can concentrate with distractions, so best to avoid them all together. give yourself the best chance in achieving your tasks and make sure you can get in the zone undisturbed!


How are you ever expected to remember everything you need to do when you’re daily tasks include, feed baby, change baby, entertain baby, repeat? And this is all before you’ve even sat down to start you work day. Simple answer? Unless you’re wonder woman, it’s impossible. So, always have a pen and paper to hand (or notes on your phone) so when you think of something you need to do you can write it down. You may have “a list as long as your arm” of things you want to do, so put them into categories.

  • Work
  • Personal admin
  • Baby

My top tip is keep the list simple. Don’t have 20 things to do in one day, as you’re simply setting yourself up for failure. Keep the list simple and prioritise a few things you need to complete for the day. Then anything you were unable to finish, you can add to your list for the following day.


As simple as this sounds, getting outside for 15/20mins a day has an abundance of benefits to you and your mental (and physical) wellbeing. Taking a walk/break in your day has been known to:

  • De-stress. Aerobic exercise gets the blood pumping and calibrates the hormones in a way that research has found calms the nerves and combats burnout and depression.
  • Put your mind to rest as you allow it a break from focusing on whatever it is you’ve been doing that day.
  • Boosts satisfaction as exercise encourages a more positive outlook on work and life in general.
  • Improves focus and attention, as you return to your home/office/work station with a new perspective on the tasks you have to do. (Reference – “How Two 15-Minute Walks Daily During Work Has Increased Company Productivity by 30%“)

Got any tips of your own? Please comment below and share with us : )

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