Studies tell us that how we start our day sets the tone for what follows.

A morning routine can set yourself up for a day of high performance, productivity, focus and flow. You can create an awesome morning routine that works for you!

Find the elements and practices that work best for you. Introduce these practices gradually, so you don’t get overwhelmed with more things on your to-do list!

The key is to use these elements to nurture your body, soul, mind, spirit and self-care BEFORE you dive into emails and other people’s demands on you.

Some of these practices may seem weird or strange. BUT they are all powerful practices that build up your resilience, appreciation, capacity for joy, awe and good things in your life.  

I call them #powerpractices.

And yes, keep your phone out of your bedroom!

From Waking Up to Focused in 20 mins!

  1. Start with your breath. Become aware of your breathing and focus your attention here. You’re alive. You’re breathing. You’re here. Be present. You can place your hand on your heart as you start to wake up.
  2. Move to gratitude. As soon as you become more conscious, turn to gratitude. What are you thankful for today? Your sleep, your bed, your duvet, the fresh air, the safety of your night, your loved ones, the opportunities of the day ahead … Some people like to add prayer or meditation here.
  3. Get up and make your bed. Yes this is a weird one, but it’s powerful. If nothing else goes your way today, if your day is incomplete, messy, irrational, frustrating, at least you’ll come back to a made bed. Make it neat, make it beautiful.
  4. Move your body. Do yoga stretches, 5 minute workouts, run up and down stairs, whatever it takes to get your body warmed up and your heart rate up. Go for a run, a jog, a brisk walk, a swim, if you have longer.
  5. Use music to change your state while you exercise.  I like to add affirmations.
  6. Get into nature. Breathe the air. Find something beautiful to focus on. This is still possible in an urban landscape (find a tree in the distance, keep flowers or houseplants). Some people combine this stage with their exercise.
  7. Set an intention for your day. How do you want to FEEL today, how do you want to BE today, how do you want to show up?
  8. Drink hot water. Put good things into your body – be selective about your breakfast!
  9. Look ahead to your schedule for the day and decide what’s the most important thing to accomplish in your day.
  10. Decide when you will do this most important thing and schedule it in your diary for the day.
  11. Connect with your people. Partner, kids, team, neighbours. Hug, touch, talk, squeeze, Facetime….
  12. Connect with the wider world. News, emails, what’s apps, all the things.
  13. Go and DO your most important thing.

Experiment with these suggestions. Keep it simple. Pick one or two things to start with and make it consistent before adding in another element. Play around with the order to suit you, it’s not rigid.

My morning routine looks different if I’m working away and waking up alone, to if I’m home and doing breakfast and school run with the kids. 

Don’t worry if you don’t fit all of it in, or if some mornings are more chaotic than others – see it as an experiment and there’s always tomorrow.

Sometimes I bundle all these aspects together, so for example as I’m walking (exercise, nature) to my first appointment of the day I’m setting my intentions, gratitude, affirmation and choosing my focus for the day ahead. Sometimes it’s a slower start and I add a time of prayer or meditation. Sometimes I journal my gratitude, my intentions and my most important things. Create a morning routine that works for you and your lifestyle. The key is to do this regularly and consistently. Notice what starts to change and shift for you.

Over to you!

Coaching prompts

  • How do you start your mornings?
  • How do you want your morning routine to set you up – how do you want to feel?
  • Which of these aspects surprised you? Which are you curious about? Which do you want to experiment with?
  • Which of these #powerpractices can you add in to your morning routine?

A note about journaling.

Journaling is a powerful practice of writing down your thoughts, so that they are out of your head and you are able to see patterns.

You can use these journaling prompts as part of your morning routine:

  • What am I appreciating today? What am I thankful for?
  • What is my intention today – how do I want to feel? How do I want to show up?
  • What is the most important thing for me to do today? What is going to enable me to move closer to my goals?
  • What is my affirmation for today?

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I share regular templates and strategies on my Instagram stories which you can use for your morning routine. Feel free to use them!  DM me your insights or post and tag me so I can cheer you on! Using hashtag #powerpractice

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About the author

Katy is a conference speaker and convenor, trainer, coach, facilitator and Director of Catalyst Collective She works with female leaders and founders/entrepreneurs to step up to lead our businesses without burning out. She lives in the Lake District with her partner + 2 kids. She loves all things turquoise, café working and yoga in the hills. 

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