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ABI ADAMS 8 months

“I thought I was a really grounded person, but I realise I’ve never felt the ground like this before”! Pentony O’Hagan, London

The way we relate to the earth reflects the way we relate to everything in our lives. The earth offers us support and stability, but do we allow ourselves to receive this? In the current climate of great change, our feet can feel like they’re losing their direction, which is why it’s so important to maintain communication with the ground beneath our feet for mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

During this workshop we will be:

  • Understanding the psychology behind our relationship with the earth
  • Learning how to ground and become present in our bodies
  • Upgrade our physical communication skills
  • Enjoy our bodies with a floor-based sequence (to some inspirational music) that can be practised at home

By attending this workshop, you will gain clarity on the habits you hold within your relationships and the powerful choices you can make to inspire them, as well as an invigorated communication with the earth you walk on.

Details of the link to join will be sent upon ticket purchase. This is a pay what you can session. Click here to book.

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