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ABI ADAMS 8 months

How are you feeling? At this uncertain time there is one thing that is certain and that's the bodies need to move to maintain a balanced mind and emotions. You want to enthuse your ability to act with care and attention over react and impact the already chaotic environment we are currently living in.

Please join me this Friday 20th at 11am for a free webinar where I will be offering you tools covering the following:

Neurobics - movement to balance your nervous system and create a sense of calm.

Guided breathing practice - simple and easy breathing you can use anytime, anyplace.

Stored emotions - what this can feel like in your body with easy movement to release it.

You will feel confident, energised and in charge of your choices, enabling you to look after yourself with clarity and carry on.

Please message me below or DM to receive the log in details.

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