Moving Through The Madness - A Project Wøman Online Workshop

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ABI ADAMS 9 months

In this time of uncertainty, the one thing you can be certain of is the bodies need to move to keep a balanced mind and emotions.  We don’t want to be reacting to panic, but acting on a healthy way of living and creating support.

The party at The Ace Hotel, Shoreditch may have been postponed until further notice, but the party can still rock on!

Join me on Thursday 26th March at 6pm where I will be covering:

  • What’s your relationship like with your body and how do you communicate that through your movement?
  • Exploring easy floor based movements to understand our strengths and weaknesses
  • How to create clear calm thinking
  • Guided meditation to help the body digest all of the above
  • Q@A

Let’s keep moving to keep marvellous, no matter where we are!

You’ll feel confident, energised and in charge of your choices enabling you to look after yourself with clarity.

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