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Anxiety levels are higher than ever and it isn’t just because of covid-19. ⁣
There is an abundance of information and a lot of noise online, now more than ever and there is a feeling of scarcity, FOMO and fear. Sound familiar? Boundaries are blurred, clients are calling on a Sunday (or not calling at all!), and people are feeling pressured to offer their services for free because everyone else seems to be. ⁣
So what’s the answer? ⁣
Last week during our members (virtual) hugs & brunch we had some really interesting conversations around boundary setting, knowing our values and being clear on what our non-negotiables are during this time. Thanks Gigi @one6creative for bringing this one up during the call! ⁣
So, before you find yourself doing something you don’t want to do... Check in with your values, know what your limits are, what feels right to say “yes” to and when is it a clear “no”? What are your non-negotiables? These are the things you simply will not budge on. We all have a gut feeling about things and now more than ever we must listen to our body. Who do you want or work with? When do you want to work? What do you want to offer? If it feels right, do it but if you feel pressured by others, bullied by your clients or simply don’t want to do something - don’t do it. You are the CEO of your life and business, you have complete control, own your space, value your time and embrace the power of “no”. ⁣
If any of this resonates were running a business agility workshop on the 15th April and we’ll be exploring what it is we want for our business during this time and beyond. This strategy session will provide you with a safe space to work our things from a place of calm and clarity, rather than panic which is where many of us have been operating from the last couple of weeks. For more info, click here💜
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